Are you a Flat Eather? Watch Orphan Red Breast curvature?

Word about Flat Earth has spread. For some, it is about proving that the world is a lie, for others it is just ignorance. So I tried to research about the debate and came across Sasha aka Orphan Red who is a very nice looking busty redhead with great curves.

While I do believe that there are many secrets kept by governments and the Moon Landing was a lie I don’t think the Earth being a sphere is a hoax. I came across many videos and I really got bored. Fortunately I did not waste my time as I came across Orphan Red’s youtube channel. This hot redhead talks a lot. I have not been able to pay attention to everything she says as I was staring at her boobs. I like her face too. If you are a long-time follower of the blog you know that I love redheads.

Below a video of this busty Youtuber, who surprisingly does not have that big following. Only less than 6k guys have discovered this beauty. Maybe this post helps other guys fins out about this hot girl. Note: Please be respectful on your comments… and do not send dick pics!!

Who knows maybe she could do a Flat Earth video wearing a BoobsRealm tank top!  That woud be amazing cross-promotion =)

On this other videos she talks about gravity… yes I know what you are thinking!!!! =p

Wouldn’t she be a perfect model for Pinupfiles?

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