Attlay teases Amanda Love’s video

The most commented video of the year, the Amanda Love Fuck video seemed to be the end of the big-titty model secret adventure with photographer. Many were in shock, others in awe, but love it or hate it, it was historic. Everything went weird after the user Attlay deleted the video. However, yesterday he uploaded an under a minute video of him fucking “white girl’s creamy pussy” as said on the video title.

The video showed him fucking Amanda doggystyle. While we saw that part is a bit longer of some shot he had in the original video.

Hours later, the owner of the channel took down the video. So either he is pissed off he took down the whole video or is letting us know that something new is coming, or he is just playing with our hopes. Stay tuned, because love it or hate it, it seems we have not seen the last of the story.

Speaking of Cosmid Girls, Dylann Voz made her Cosmid debut a while ago. check her out.

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