Interview Postponed and more updates

I am sorry it could not happen. The interview with Cel did not take place. I spoke with Cel and he was ready, but the app was not recording his voice loud enough. So instead of giving you something of low quality the interview will happen in November.

If you know any quality software that records voice calls and the sound is even in both ends, please let me know. I tested 5 that were recommended online and I did not expect them not to work, so my mistake. Otherwise I will have to update my Mac OS, as the one I have is an old version and it does not allow the installation of new softwares and the update of the OS.

Also for the next couple of weeks the updates will be not very often. Surprises are coming, and for taking step forwards you have to take a step back. However, follow BoobsRealm on twitter to get sneak previews of what is happening this week.

I will still post during the week some updates, but will be very short.

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