Clay Travis: First Amendment & Boobs on CNN, Chelsea from Whatculture

This post comes from mainstream and youtube. Sports journalist Clay Travis shocks CNN presenter and panelist when he states that he believes in First Amendment and Boobs. Also meet wrestling fan Chelsea from WhatCulture.

Clay Travis triggered the rage of CNN feminist presenter when he explicitly said her believes in 1st Amendment and Boobs. The discussion became a clusterfuck after that. The female presenter felt offended and could not even pronounce the word BOOBS. She spelled it out. WTF????? SO puritanism.

The discussion was originally about the petition to fire Jemele Hill after calling Donald Trump a White Supremacist… SO ESPN is sports right? #FakeNews! Watch the video below…. if the world continues this way I would not be able to post BIG BOOBS on the blog as it offends girls do not have big boobs.

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On a side note and speaking of #Fake (news) let’s talk about #Fake (fighting). WhatCulture is a succesful youtube channel focused on wrestling. This time they did something that has gotten over 100K views in 2 days. They got a female presenter. Her name is Chelsea. She reminds me a bit of the Wall Street Pornstar Veronica Vain. Chelsea is eye candy on whatcculture. She is a cute bosomy girl that for sure will bring TWO BIG things to the table for WhatCulture: Views and Suscribers.


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