Clay Travis: First Amendment & Boobs on CNN, Chelsea from Whatculture

chelsea whatculture
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  1. Wes says:

    Loved watching that leftist meltdown upon hearing the word “boobs.”

  2. Michael says:

    I am fully prepared for getting white knight comments thrown at me, but context matters. His comment was totally inappropriate in that setting and to try and make a comparison between this website and a news program on a major network is absurd. If I made comments like that around my female co-workers and/or colleagues, I would either get fired or face serious disciplinary action and rightly so. It has nothing to do with puritanism and everything to do with keeping the workplace professional.

    Amazing to me that people can’t make these distinctions.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      While he may have made an inappropriate comment, the issue is the reaction from the girl and the other guy They handled the situation like if he would have killed somebody.

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