Valory Irene back to Scoreland for hardcore?, Viola Baileys hardcore news

Valory Irene back to Scoreland for hardcore?, Viola Baileys hardcore news

Fan favorite Valory Irene has been spotted in Florida. Scoreland’s editor Dave posted some days ago that a familiar face was getting back to them; a girl who shot last time in 2009. Said girl speaks 4 languages… so all evidence points to busty Valory Irene (romanian, french, russian and english as far as my sources told me). Will Valory Irene finally do something beyond a titfuck? My sources told me that she has never been a fan of boy/girl and that the titfuck scene was not somthing she was thrilled about. But she took the tit between her massive juggs like a champ! Will Valory Irene get her holes filled soon for legendary Scoreland ? Stay tuned……..


After Viola Baileys and her “porn GodFather” Pierre Woodman announced that the Latvian beauty was back to hardcore, several fans got a massive erection thinking about what companies she would shoot for, whereas others thought she would only do scenes with her boyfriend and/or Woodman. According to Woodman Viola, along with her boyfriend,  will shoot hardcore for other sites. Woodman has stated that the producers Viola may be shooting for have beef with him…Seems that we have a 1 over 100 chances to nail it, as Woodman has had issues with several producers in the past.  I got a source that told me that Viola will shoot hardcore without her boyfriend and that he will be seen just in a couple of scenes to help the transition into full-fledge pornstar. Time will tell. Will we see Viola in Legal Porno? If they money is right, who knows? I already contacted LP to know if they would be interested. For the time been enjoy all Viola Baileys hardcore on Woodman’s site and stay tuned for her “real casting” to be released soon – or after Viola’s hardcore for other site is released- You can follow Viola’s twitter




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