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Valory Irene back to Scoreland for hardcore?, Viola Baileys hardcore news

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  1. Boobfan says:

    Boobsrealm I will say a prayer to the porn gods that your source is right! I hope he/she truly has an inside track to the info. Viola needs to shoot without boyfriend and for the best sites. This will be legendary!!!!!

  2. bassist75 says:

    It seems like good news but the behind-the-scenes drama with her first round of hardcore reverberated back home and caused a lot of trouble for her. With Woodman we were on the precipice of DP etc and it fell apart. As we all agree, with Viola’s impossibly perfect looks and body, seeing her in a classy Dorcel production being prodded by three or four guys is well, just about the limit of how her career could be…and porn in general. Amazing!! I hope she realizes that she could sweep all the competition away worldwide. It’s all a matter of personal taste of course, but her attributes are a once in ten years event. Very rare to see such beauty do hardcore. Come on Viola…go get ’em!!

  3. Jorge M says:

    Maybe because it is rare but I love Valory’s titfuck. Maybe because if I was asked where I’d put it it would probably be anal… But my second choice would be between those tits. Curious how far she goes if she continues boy/girl. I would prefer it if hardcore was a passion of her’s and not something she says she is not a fan of.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      No boy/girl on the horizon unfortunately for us =(

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