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Julia Flemming big boobs, Brooke Wylde fucked, Lindsey Pelas transformation

julia fleming busty cosmid
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  1. Hessian says:

    Dan Bilzerian is an act. He’s a caricature of an “alpha male”. I think it’s hilarious and I’m glad Lindsey is in on the joke.

  2. lion says:

    Amazing what plastic surgery can do. Pelas is certainly lovely, but not “natural beauty”. And I would not put Sophie coady in the league of Beth lily!

  3. ca uk says:

    Dan bilzerian is a fucking douchebag for certain, so arrogant

  4. PeVK says:

    Funny you put stacey poole as an example of a natural beauty. She had plastic surgery on her face just like pelas, gianna michaels, samantha lilly, etc! Super obvious – and the worst part is that her face was prettier before the surgery (stacey, that is).

    1. Chokeonarock says:

      Do you have any evidence of Stacey Poole getting plastic surgery? I’m not saying that she didn’t, but it’s far from super obvious that she did. I’ve never heard of Gianna or Samanta getting facial surgery either, and I’m left wondering where you heard that. With Lindsey Pelas, of course, someone could spot her Michael Jackson nosejob and lip injections from a mile away . . . but at least her chest is natural.

      1. JC says:

        I agree. I have not heard about Samanta or Stacey’s surgeries. In Gianna’s case, it could be as her nose seems to be no natural.

  5. Dave says:

    Lol I thought it was quite obvious that Lindsay’s face and specifically the nose were crafted by plastic surgeons.

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