Answering your Big Boobs Models questions – Episode 1

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I get a lot of questions from fans. I also get suggestions of girls, while others just suggest that I should GTFO. Anyways, some questions are repetitive, but worded in different ways. This post will be the Episode 1 of Answering your Big Boobs Models questions. If you want an episode 2, please leave your question in the comment section.

This post is what the BoobsRealm Podcast was gonna be about, but time constraints will not make it possible to kickstart. Some of the statements below might be known by some of you already. If you follow the blog, many might not be that new, but why not taking a look. Here we go!

Is Lucie Wilde ever returning?

Lucie Wilde has less chances returning to porn than CM Punk to go back to WWE and re-debut kissing Vince McMahon’s ass. It has been rumored that Lucie’s significant other is a nice guy who is really in love with Lucie and cares about their babygirl. Lucie seems to have left party life and alcohol and is working on putting her shit together. Getting back to porn is more likely a step back for her.

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What is Viola Baileys doing these days?

Viola has a new boyfriend. She has left porn behind. However, this young girl is still in touch with Pierre Woodman, which could mean that a nasty break-up could end up in “the spider” getting her back to drink cum and get anally destroyed. However, nothing new in the foreseeable future.

What big boobs models escort?

Probably the most common question. While there are rumors of some cam girls and models escorting and looking for sugar daddies -which could be very accurate and believable-  there is no evidence that the models escort. Many agencies use their photos for fake ads. It is obvious that if any of the famous models were to escort, they would not post it on the internet, but would use connections to be contacted by private agencies. Again, there are rumor, but it would not only be irresponsible to post them, but also could become a legal nightmare.

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What do big boobs amateurs gain from Instagram?

Most are trying to become social media influencers and get tons of dollars promoting products. However, nowadays many just get some free items. Other girls use their social media to be contacted by wealthy individuals who would fly them to Dubai, Thailand or Hawaii for private shoots or just inviting them for “events”. No cameras allowed… and you just fucked your favorite model or Instababe. Warning: Not all the social media babes are whores, but many are undercover escorts.

Are busty models millionaires?

Not at all. In fact most models would not be able to make ends meet if they were to rely on their modeling careers. Most have other regular jobs or others … just read the answer above-.

British girls are among the hottest ones, but a newspaper like the Sun offered 30 pounds at most for an experienced model for a shoot. Yep. I could have paid more and get my own busty Page 3 on But you know, they don’t like porn and the Sun reaches more people.

Why does Beth Lily do not show her boobs anymore?

The exact reason is not very clear. I have been in touch with Beth since she started. While she gave me some specifics, I guess there are always two sides of each story. Beth had an angry break-up with the topless modeling world. Beth is against been featured on any site that promotes porn content. I once asked the blonde hottie about doing a custom shoot for the blog wearing the famous Tank Top. The price was 1k pounds. I guess that would have made me happy to have her doing my exlcusive shoot, but I was not willing to pay 1k for a picture. I am sure 1k would have gotten me tits in my hand in any other scenario.

Those tits still looking awesome

Why do you spread FAKE NEWS?

I do not spread fake news. I was the first who posted about Viola Baileys hardcore months before it was even announced. For those who have followed the blog since the blogbugs days (2010) I was the first that posted about Karina Hart’s titfuck scene. The news came from the horses mouth -or better said from Karina’s tits themselves-.

I posted about Darcie Dolce first boy/girl which has been filmed already. Darcie has confirmed to me the scene has been shot. However, it seems that it might not see the light of the day. Why? I guess because she shot the scene for her site and she might be looking forward to negotiate her first scene to be released with a big site which would pay her way more money just to shoot the scene.

Unfortunately my insiders sometimes are wrong. I got wrong the Mila Azul hardcore. My guy took very seriously a tease. He also misinformed me about Tessa Fowler hardcore proposal. Unfortunately he had a third strike when he gave me the name of two famous big boobs models who were escorting for wealthy NBA players and businessmen. The rumor has not been confirmed nor denied. I would not count it out as the girls have no actual jobs, but who knows. I never posted the rumor until today. Maybe it is just a wishful thinking.

Who are your top favorite busty girls of all-time?

Hard choice. However, as of today I would fuck the following five -in no particular order-: Lucie Wilde, Merilyn Sakova, Katerina Hartlova, Beth Lily and Jenna Doll.

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What happened to Amanda Love?

Amanda Love is still with her boyfriend. She blocked me on Instagram after agreeing to shoot a video for the site. I sent her a tank top and also bought her a sexy wardrobe. After receiving both she blocked me and stopped replying e-mails. I have no idea, but she even wanted to sue me after I posted her topless pics she was selling on Instagram. First she wanted to sue me and then claimed it was not her… the BF discovered she was selling pics of her tits, then she put the blame on me and then denied it was her… I guess she is not as smart as she is busty. Well if she were, she would be the President of the World.

This was the last Amanda Love post I was referrring to.

Did you like Answering your Big Boobs Models questions – Episode 1 ? Comment and share. Add your questions below if you want Episode 2 next week. I will do my best to answer or get the answer.

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16 Replies to “Answering your Big Boobs Models questions – Episode 1

  1. I would like to know what really happened with the gorgeous Carmella Bing. I loved her skinny, but also when she got fat. She’s a really special girl.

  2. Thanks for the interview. I have been collecting softcore/porn for years about busty and beautiful girls. My favourite are in alphabetical order:
    Ali Rose, Amber Hahn, Angela White, Beth Lily, Chelisie Aryn, Emily Bloom, Estelle Taylor, Ewa Sonnet, Gabriella(Ala Passtel), Gianna Michaels, Hitomi Tanaka, Jana Defi, Jessica Workman, Julia(JavAV), Joey Fisher, Katy Shavon, Katee Life, Kendra Roll, Kira Queen, Lana Kendrick, Lana Rhoades, Leanna Decker, Lucie Wilde, Lucy Li, Mandy Dee, Merilyn Sakova, Nekane, Sabrina Nichole, Sammy Braddy, Sasha Bonilova, Shione Cooper, Suzie Sun, T-Amazin, Tessa Fowler, Tyra Moore, Valory Irene, Viola Bailey, Yulia Nova.

    I have now a collection of well over 1000 hand picked videos, made of those girls mainly. I think those ones have the best combo of beauty/body/boobs on the whole of the internet. A thing that bugs me is that many videos dont show their beautiful bodies and faces, and focus on their vagina or butt. For example Mandy Dee’s majority of videos are of anal sex where the camera films a close up of her butt, or masturbation, with a closeup of the vagina for half of the video. I dont really want to see that, but to enjoy the whole of her looks. If i were to pick my absolute favourite, who i would take on an abandoned island, it would be Yulia Nova or Lucie Wilde.

    I may be a bit of a pessimist, which is also why i am a bit upset i deleted some videos because lack of space some years ago, and I can’t find them again (dead torrents and links), but I find the quality of current models shooting new videos quite low. I scour the web frequently, actually I spent dozens of hours even recently trying to find back some videos i deleted years ago, I know what is being produced now. What i mean by that is that I thought several years ago that there will be constantly new videos being made of new discoveries. Since the start of 2017, my collection got very few new videos.
    The trend is followed by the ones who where making videos too, to name a few, Beth Lily, Sabrina Nichole, T-Amazin, who suddently stopped. I see more and more girls going for some patreon BS, where they are not even topless. I see some average looking girls on youtube asking up to 100$ per month for a bunch of non-nude videos, and hot girls asking 200$+ per month for non-nude as well. I heard of some nude video of some girl that couldn’t even hold a candle to Joey Fisher selling for 1000$. Hell, a 320×240 video of Merilyn Sakova is 100 times better than that.

    You post here on boobsrealm some hot girls, but very few of them, if any, have a bunch of usable mp4 videos i can watch, or even picture photoshoots, full of hotness goodness. The hottest one this year imho, who has like 2 usable videos is Elle Faye. So yeah, I need a triple offline backup of my videos, it looks like that what i have is what i’ll end up being stuck with. I have double backup on 2 HDDs, but i need to make a third on a 2TB SSD, just to be safe.

    This is a question for you in the future, do you think that less hot girls are shooting nude, and if so why ? Is it better paid to go to patreon and get lots of money from some guys who get obsessed and worship them, and would pay top dollar for any junk video or photo ? Thanks for your continous interest in beautiful girls, I wonder how many years we have to wait until there is somebody that is shooting videos and is as good looking as, let’s say… Ewa Sonnet.

  3. Sha Rizel is one of the worst Patreon offenders. Each and every single post she makes on IG includes her funneling people to her patreon account.

    Mia Khalifa also funnels fans to her private account but does not say if the photos and videos are nudes. Would have to be paying $20-30 a month for the occasional cheesecake photo with no nudity.

  4. Super, keep going! Can you answer the question why Score doesn’t shoot even lesbian scenes with Akexya (aka Luna Amor)? She did lesbian scenes for other companies in the past. Thanks.

  5. Hi, what can you tell us about Karina Hart? Where she lives? Is she married? I suppose she won’t return to modeling… Thank you for the information that you share on your web

  6. Hi,

    Any news regarding Kelly Madison?

    Seems like she stopped performing for a year, while her husband keep banging the sexiest and newest pornstars…

  7. id like to know if Shione Cooper or Sensual Jane would ever return to porn, they are my favourites from the last decade
    Sensual Jane seems to be still active on Instagram and if it is indeed her then she is offering to escort, would anybody like to crowdfund me to fuck her 🙂
    and I would like to know what Shione Cooper is doing in her life now , is she happily married in Czech Republic or Italy? .. I was never quite certain where she came from

  8. I think deep down we all kinda knew Lucie wouldnt return or it would be very difficult to see her bac, and even if she did im guessing she would follow the camshows/custom videos route instead of working for x company or x producer. For a top i would say, at least for me offcourse: Katerina ; Lucie ; Liana Smiss/Petra Lovka/Boobs Donna ; Terry Nova ; Christina Jolie ; Shione Cooper ; Arwyn/Simi Green ; Viola ; Lana Ivans and Anabelle. Of all these to the best of my knowledge only Katerina is still 100% active ( not counting the second pregnancy pause), Lana used to do camshows, dont know if she still does and the rest are retired i think. Now of all these one i really have a serious doubt, Anabelle, i saw on another site an article about her having some personal issues she was struggling with. Dont know if it was true or false and if that means that she was just taking a pause or a full retirement.

  9. Do you have any details on Lilydreamboobs? There seems a very little info about her while she is the bustiest newcomer of the last decade.

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