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Viola Baileys Wake Up N Fuck, Karolina on Czech Casting

viola baileys 2016 hardcore
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  1. lion says:

    I don’t understand how someone as beautiful and perfect as viola can only get work with woodman!

    1. notadoctor says:

      completely agree, he is an ass

  2. Hessian says:

    From the outside looking in Woodman seems like a very unsavory individual.

  3. ninersfan says:

    yeah, pw seems to be really stunting her career. she could/should be a much bigger star than she currently is

  4. GC says:

    Everybody loves to trash Woodman when they don’t even know him. They forget the number of superstars he either discovered or made them the household name they are today (for pornstars) by convincing them to do anal, DP, etc… If you were in his shoes and you got to nail a girl like Viola wouldn’t you want to try and keep her ONLY shooting for your company? Besides the fact that he is NOT holding her back, Ray Boss is.

    1. JC says:

      Besides Silvia Saint and Tanya Russof (who was PW wife) what other star did he discover? I am not bashing him, but I would like to know who I am missing out. Also consider that PW had the Private machine back there behind him. The world and the adult industry has changed in the last 20 years. Making Viola go from solo to anal was a mistake. She could have done a handjob, titfuck, then BJ, then go harder to keep interest. Still Viola Baileys can be a star. However, unless your name is Lucie Wilde, nobody has been able to become a star with so limited amount of scenes. Even Lucie Wilde had to have better lightning, camera shots on Busty Buffy and DDF to be what she is today. Viola could have been the next Ala Passtel if remained in solo. However, after PW took her scenes, she is another pornstars that still has not took off yet. Everybody knows Viola now. But nobody besides Lucie Wilde becomes a star outside the big companies. Even Angela White had to shoot for others and make a name there.
      And believe me having a girl do DP and anal in their first scenes is what makes those girls become generic pornstar #1268.

  5. ca uk says:

    Totally agree jc, she moved way to fast. Anal and dp should always be slowly built up to, she should have done more solo work and perhaps got with score to build up her profile before a gradual move into hardcore starting as jc says a tit fuck and then basic hardcore and dildo stuff. Woodman has not helped her career one bit in my opinion

  6. David says:

    Woodman in my experience is a very thorny character to deal with, which is why I left his site. In fairness, he did get Viola to do that wonderful impromptu blow bang which could have merged seamlessly into a gangbang. However, you can’t have it all. Now it seems she is back under his wing and about to do another live interview on his site which by anyone’s reckoning could mean that we might see more new material from them. Not going to hold my breathe but it wasn’t so long ago that Viola broke off from porn altogether. Now she appears to be back exactly where PW wants her. Will we finally see a DP Gangbang from her? That remains to be seen. If she is still with her boyfriend perhaps not (even though he and PW spit-roasted Adele Booty if memory serves..it’s a strange ole world in the porn business. Hollow sentiments abound). If she is newly single, PW may have his golden opportunity and we may see the best porn scene of the last decade!

  7. David says:

    Furthermore…if PW and Viola have absolutely no intention of giving this protracted project a final kick in the ass, it seems to me that PW is merely flaunting the fantasy to keep people begging and subscribing. Ultimately, he has (TBC) the finest piece of eye candy the porn world has seen for years and has, as yet, been unsuccessful in following through with the one thing HE DOES BEST which DP Gangbangs!! We’ve seen a bit of lezbo action, anal, BJ’s. We don’t want more of the same. Some will be happy enough with anything he pushes out. Some of us want to see a scene that will qualify him the world over as the most influential pornographer ever. Failing that, it’s hard to fathom what the selling point is here. Come on PW…bring your A game!

    1. JC says:

      Viola is no longer with Ray Boss. Pierre told me to join the live chat on Saturday. I may do it if I can catch them on my time zone.

  8. Sinbad says:

    It’s fair to assume that since he has her on a live feed again, the hard questions will come thick and fast and I certainly doubt that he will set himself up for a fall if she declares that she’s not doing anymore B/G. The odds are…we’ll get the goods this time. Here’s hoping for a well shot scene with four guys and some hot lingerie – oh and lots of DP!!

  9. ninersfan says:

    Hopefully the live chat clears up a lot of the confusion about her career. She’s here then not, new material then it’s absent, blacked etc etc

  10. ca uk says:

    Lots and lots of speculation but nothing yet, i think this is a storm in a teacup and i for one wont hold my breath

  11. Ben says:

    I agree. Viola herself has said that won’t do B/G again, Pierre has reaffirmed this many times. Why is she back with him then? Why put her on a live feed if she has no intention of doing hard sex on camera? Is she just his favourite mascot? It’s been two years since the start of this whole thing and nothing new to report. Should we care?

  12. Ninja says:

    Pierre’s greatest find and biggest failure in my opinion.

    1. JC says:

      Pierre didn’t find her. She was around a year before meeting Pierre

  13. Ninja says:

    Either way, he hoisted her from obscurity and she came so far. It must kill him he can’t get her to do his bidding in the way he (and we) wants.

    1. JC says:

      She was in DDF and met-art before. And he has gotten more than we have seen. so believe me. PW is the one getting everything he wants and more from her.

  14. Ninja says:

    He’s got more than we have seen? I really want to believe that. I’m sure you’re right. I recall asking PW if he had done a gangbang with her on camera and his answer was always no, and that we never would see that. That of course may have changed. Considering she has done everything but, it strikes me as odd that even when she was with Ray Boss she still performed with PW, David Perry, Mancini fellow, did anal over and over, yet the gangbang just couldn’t happen. Can’t make the connection there.

  15. Ninja says:

    So PW says there will be a new scene with Viola on his site tonight. Will we see something we haven’t seen before? DP? Or is this just another archive video with more of the same? Thoughts?

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