Viola Baileys news and rumors: hardcore, ganbang

For many guys around the world Viola Baileys has been the star of 2014 so far. The natural beauty who hails from Latvia shocked the world when performed her first boy girl for the “Spider” Pierre Woodman. Her second scene has been released last week and despite having Viola in a non-sex role, it shows us what she can take in the ass.

Pierre Woodman is a star maker. Not for anything some of his followers call him “Master”. Pierre knows how to make business and get the most out of everybody delivering content that becomes must-see. Pierre has taken Viola under his wing and is guiding her in this “mischievous” world that porn is behind the scenes.


We all know that Viola likes Pierre and has shot many “many” scenes for his site. However, people does not know the specifics of said scenes. talked to someone who claims to be an insider and revealed information that just time would confirm:

In her interview with me Viola Baileys claimed that many people said that she had sex with photographers and did boy/girl. I know that some producers have offered Viola good money for off camera sex and she has rejected it. This insider says that Viola and Pierre had sex when she did the casting scene. There ha been subtle text that kind of confirms this statement. Pierre has said that Viola is really tight and she likes anal sex.


Viola has already shot scenes with other guys. Actually, they have shot a scene in Hungary where, according to my source, she blows 3 dicks -one being Pierre’s-. has been trying to confirm what this source stated: however, for obvious reasons no official word has been said. What I know is that whatever happens with Viola on but we know that we are witnessing the development of the new Silvia Saint.

Legal Porno has been trying to reach Viola Bailey, but as they have bad blood with Pierre Woodman, probably they would destroy her holes and everybody would have seen everything in 2 shoots

Just enjoy Woodman’s site. Viola is about to change the porn world as we know it. Keep Calm and Check Woodman Casting X

Viola_sucks_3_guys Viola_Woodman


10 Replies to “Viola Baileys news and rumors: hardcore, ganbang

  1. LP would ruin her career. And the scene would be utterly boring. She’s good where she is. Pierre has indeed found the new Silvia Saint and it’ll be worth the wait to see Viola doing what we all want eventually!

  2. The saddest news if true is that the gorgeous Viola Bailey’s allowed that fat bastard anywhere near her. Why do people want to see him fuck her? He’s horrific to look at – Fat, Bald, Hairy. I just don’t get it! I know he’s been guiding her career. That’s fine, but for her to do him, makes me sick. She just made me very sad if this is true. Why not Torbe then? Geez!

  3. personally i dont care who fucks viola in her scene, i dont understand why some guys want her to fuck other male pornstars or her in a dp/gangbang scene, chill out men take it or leave it

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