AVN experience -part 3 – Angela White, Hitomi and more

Well, before I go with this last part, please take one minute to vote for your favorite busty girl on the MissBoobsRealm 2014 contest. The top 10 busty girls who were active in 2014 are there. Make the best win!!

Going back to the AVNs. I have to express my respect to all the models and pornstars who made it to the event. Many people do not understand that it is not easy to be at the booth for 4 or 6 hours. Standing, smiling regardless any personal issue they might be going through, dealing with some fans who try to touch more than they should, etc. It is not only a physical effort, but also monetary effort. Having a booth is not cheap. The huge websites can pay for that, but I am not sure if money-wise is the greatest decision to some.

The exact moment I met Angela White


I encourage each and every one of you to try this event once -or Exxxotica, which I haven’t been to yet- Go with your buddies and enjoy. Models sign pictures for free and you get to talk to them. I spoke with her for a few seconds with the Skylar Madison -the former Amber Sativa- who is still kind of new to the biz. She showed up to network and it worked. She shot this week with Dan Lean for the FuckAFan site… lucky fans!!!!! I hooked up a couple of girls for some shoots.. so in the end everyone ends up happy after the event.

 Note 1: On a side note, please check Samantha Lovely on Pinupfiles and Scoreland…. Seems she will be the star of 2015…your thought?

I didn’t attend to the Red Carpet because I was too tired. However, I saw Samantha Rone in her dress and she looked flawless like a Prom Queen. And here is where my rant comes…..

I congratulate all the AVN winners. I think that all are hardworking people, but I would like to know what is the criteria to nominate somebody. I understand that Jayden James has great boobs… don’t get me wrong, but having a Best Boobs category and not even including Lucie Wilde or Siri is an Oxymoron – I am only talking about girls who did porn-.

Dani Daniels and me.. just kidding, not me lol


Love or hate Pierre Woodman, doesn’t he deserve some kind of recognition?

Torbe might be vilified by many, but he is only one shooting legendary bukakes. In the past he got Katerina, Shionne, Sandra Milka and others do it. He has discovered many stars…. I bet nobody on the AVN committee has ever considered him as a star, but he has been really succesful with putalocura and chicasdetorbe without having the machine behind him.

There was a production called All Natural Glamour, which won the best solo category…. wait…Did met-art or ftvgirls ring you a bell? They have been the best at solo for years, but they are not even nominated.

I am not sure why Siri has been completely excluded from this. Maybe she was busy, maybe she just does not enjoy these events. Siri did a great job with her TeamBJ campaign, along Sara Jay, but that has not gotten the appropriate recognition. I am not sure if everything is subjective or it has to do with the fact that she has been one of the few pornstars to raise her voice against tube sites and The Powers that be in the adult industry.

Note 2: Cel from and the interview you don’t wanna miss… believe.. Did you wanna know the stories behind his scenes with Faith Nelson and Merilyn Sakova? What about Eden Mor and Joanna Bliss? Coming soon….


Note 3: Tomorrow I am launching which is a blog with busty girls, but without porn pics or links…Expect Beth Lily, Stacey Poole, Jamie Love, Pinupfiles girls and more,  plus girls you have never heard of…..yet.

But anyway, I thought it was important to bring these topics up in this post. The event is great. If you have money to attend the AVN ceremony, do it… and please take pics for me lol. I am glad I saw all these stars, but I think that there should be a “perfect” event where actually everybody who deserves recognition, gets it.

So.. what you were waiting for… more pictures!!!! Including screencaps from my interview with Hitomi Tanaka and Cel. I have a hectic 2-weeks period, so please be patient for some vids

Screencap of Hitomi Interview with

BTW, I checked the video today… I think it will be released as a Comic jk probably screencaps and a lot of information that believe…. your world will never ever be the same again

Hitomi-Tanaka-interview-photo Hitomi-Tanaka-boobsrealm

Jaydem James says hi

Jaydem-James-ass Jaydem-James-big-boobs

Forgot her name


Kendra Lust’s butt made me a believer


More Dani Daniels


6 thoughts on “ AVN experience -part 3 – Angela White, Hitomi and more

  1. Just my opinion, but any “best boobs” award should go to unenhanced porn star. Both Siri and Lucie Wilde have amazing boobies.
    And as a Siri fan, let me say I support her. I would hate it if she were to be excluded from anything for encouraging fans to pay for their porn. She has been open about her life and work through social media and she works damn hard. Fact is as it was said for some attending these events, it ain’t cheap. It’s economics. I think of porn back in the 90s compared to today, there was a lot of actual movies made then. We as consumers get what we pay for. I for one love her work and am willing to pay for it, because damn it I loved her first anal and damn it I want to see her do DP next and that only happens when there are true fans willing to pay. Talent doesn’t come cheap and all these pornstars literally put their bodies on the line for our entertainment.

    1. You are correct Matt. Best boobs category should always include natural busty babes. Otherwise it should be called “Best surgeon”.
      I am not sure if she was not included because of her position towards the state of the industry. That was my guess.
      Siri is one of the top performers right now. She is not only a bombshell, but also a smart business woman.
      The quality of porn has gone down lately because fans get everything for free, thus producers need to decrease costs. Maybe this is too much to ask or I am jumping the shark, but there should be a sort of Union to guarantee the conditions -wages, health, contracts, etc- under which the talent work. Some producers just take advantage of the fact that they are the one paying…

      Still, I think that banning videos longer than 5 minutes on any tube site would solve a little bit the issue… Believe there are some tube sites that allow some sort of scams. I don’t wanna put the 100% of the blame on tube sites and owners, but I think they should monitor the videos uploaded on their sites.

    2. I support Siri too but I’m not completly agree with Matt, I have nothing against nice fake boobs and I don’t think you should banned them.
      Just me two cent. 😉

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