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BoobsRealm.com AVN experience -part 3 – Angela White, Hitomi and more

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  1. Matt says:

    Just my opinion, but any “best boobs” award should go to unenhanced porn star. Both Siri and Lucie Wilde have amazing boobies.
    And as a Siri fan, let me say I support her. I would hate it if she were to be excluded from anything for encouraging fans to pay for their porn. She has been open about her life and work through social media and she works damn hard. Fact is as it was said for some attending these events, it ain’t cheap. It’s economics. I think of porn back in the 90s compared to today, there was a lot of actual movies made then. We as consumers get what we pay for. I for one love her work and am willing to pay for it, because damn it I loved her first anal and damn it I want to see her do DP next and that only happens when there are true fans willing to pay. Talent doesn’t come cheap and all these pornstars literally put their bodies on the line for our entertainment.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      You are correct Matt. Best boobs category should always include natural busty babes. Otherwise it should be called “Best surgeon”.
      I am not sure if she was not included because of her position towards the state of the industry. That was my guess.
      Siri is one of the top performers right now. She is not only a bombshell, but also a smart business woman.
      The quality of porn has gone down lately because fans get everything for free, thus producers need to decrease costs. Maybe this is too much to ask or I am jumping the shark, but there should be a sort of Union to guarantee the conditions -wages, health, contracts, etc- under which the talent work. Some producers just take advantage of the fact that they are the one paying…

      Still, I think that banning videos longer than 5 minutes on any tube site would solve a little bit the issue… Believe there are some tube sites that allow some sort of scams. I don’t wanna put the 100% of the blame on tube sites and owners, but I think they should monitor the videos uploaded on their sites.

    2. Sylvain says:

      I support Siri too but I’m not completly agree with Matt, I have nothing against nice fake boobs and I don’t think you should banned them.
      Just me two cent. 😉

      1. ravenazrael says:

        There are some girls with fake boobs that look great…let’s see who do great this year!!!

  2. Jish Tyler says:

    Who is that girl with black leather and hair shaved

    1. JC says:

      Not a pornstar. Just a model on the event

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