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Miss Boobs Realm 2015 finals

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  1. boobfan2k says:

    It’s hard to try to pick just one.

  2. Dave says:

    Now this is what I call “clash of TITans”. 5 of my votes made it to the final. Was sad to see that Sammy Braddy didn’t make it. Now how on earth I should choose? 😀

    1. JC says:

      You are right. Top 11 girls in this final!

  3. Aidan says:

    No Antonella. No vote from me.

    1. JC says:

      everybody has their favorite girls.
      however, the contest exist to promote the girls and get them new fans, as well as having fans enjoy the competition and find out aboutnew girls.
      I invite everyone to vote in the final. regardless of who anybody’s favorite was, these 11 girls are top beauties. I am sure everybody will have a hard time picking one…. he’ll I don’t have any clue who will in.. first and second place have been occupied by many girls in the past 4 hours

      1. Aidan says:

        I voted for Hitomi. I really wanted Antonella to make it a triple win though. No disrespect to the other girls but she is amazing.

        1. JC says:

          Thanks fro the comment

  4. Dave says:

    Ah fuck it… I’m voting for Angela.

  5. boobgeek says:

    hard to pic from this list. My fingers are crossed for Tessa! I hope she wins. To be honest this list would be even harder to choose from if Tessa was not on it.

  6. hugeorgohome says:

    THAS FUCKING BULLSHIT, this ten chicks do NOT even compare to the incredible and legendary Antonella… What as shame you talk about the 10 best of the best? what a joke. All of them with saggy tits and enhanced with fisheye lense. Truly what a FUCKING joke.

    1. JC says:

      I will leave your comment only to show others how childish some fans can be. First, your comment is a lack of respect to the girls. Second, you have to realize that people have their own opinion. I respect Antonella and her fans. Your comment is a lack of respect to the girls and to me and the way you express your opinion makes me wonder if you are even 18. Behave like an adult. I demand an apology to the girls. I am pretty sure Antonella would be ashamed of having a fan like you.
      And BTW, they are 11 girls, not 10. All are naturally busty, too. So, I hope that you buy some glasses, come back when you are an adult -mentally- or just visit another site.

  7. bigtetitas says:

    Antonella is not among the ten finalists?? there has to be a mistake somewhere, did you guys track the numbers/Votes correctly?? I’m sorry but Antonella is in a league of her own. This girls don’t even come close to Antonella. The top then girls have average boobs, I have seen them all on cam. What about Leanne??? what about Milena??? Top 3 legends. Most of this chicks are DDD and F cups with the exception of Hitomi and Samanta however their boobs are not attractive at all. I think Im quitting this website, so disappointed.

    1. JC says:

      Hello. Lucie Wilde was first in Leanne’s group, Marina in MIlena’s and Beth Lily in Antonella’s. I have tracked all votes and carefully reviewed the spikes when they happened.
      It is not a contest of who has the bigger boobs, so cup sizes do not have to do with who advanced to the finals. Fans voted. Thousands of them. I respect your opinion, but you have to understand that not because you have a favorite, it means that anybody else’s opinion don’t count. Antonella is awesome and she sure is a top quality girl, however, in this opportunity the fans decided. It is also worth noting that there were times that traffic came from MFC and votes went to Beth and in some cases to Anri Okita.

  8. bigtetitas says:

    I thought it was a BIG BOOB CONTEST,so size cups should matter. Who cares where the traffic and Votes came from, are you complaining that Antonella mentioned your Blog on MFC? you suck man.

    1. JC says:

      I am not complaining at all. What I mean is that all traffic that came from MFC did not turn into a vote for Antonella. The other fan was complaining about how could not she win. My point is that there were people from different sources with many different preferences and people who visited the blog from MFC did not only voted Antonella, but some of them voted for somebody else.
      I appreciate people’s support, but if somebody quits visiting a blog just because hundreds of other fans voted for somebody else, it means you did not care about the blog in the first place. I appreciate your support, but you can’t complain or blame me because girl A got more votes than girl B or C.

      Regarding the boobs size. It is a contest of the Best Busty girls. Not the biggest boobs. If it were about sizes, there would not be votes, as that is more objective. I am not saying Antonella is not one of the best, because she is. But fans chose other girls. I respect everybody’s opinion, but I don’t understand why some people cannot respect other hundred’s opinion’s too?

  9. Dave says:

    Oh my… Emo-rage in comments. Get over it already.

  10. James says:

    I love them all

  11. bigtetitas says:

    how come does Lucie Wilde was even in the contest, she has not been active for a year??? Lana Kendrick disappeared as well for months. What does active means to you or to the fans? an Active model to me means someone shows constant communication with the fans, another question why to Tessa Fowler, sensual Jane, Maria Visconti and Katerina hartlova have gifs and the other ones pics? the gifs are more appealing to us men. Hopefully Next year you need to make a few changes to this contest.

    1. JC says:

      I posted what I considered was the best photo/gifs of the girls.
      Lana had stuff on her site at the beginning of the year. Lucie did shoot stuff early this year.
      Actually you are right on this one.. The mechanic of the contest will change next year. Top 2 girls will advance to the finals. Meaning that the finalists will be chosen by the fans, butthe Miss Boobs Realm will be chosen by a Committee, bloggers and producers as well as some fans.
      The mechanics have not been perfect this year, but this one was more fair than the previous one. I did know want to say this, but not sure if it was you or another of your friends:Last year the system allowed fans to vote everyday, meaning that one fan could get up to votes to a girl per person. Whereas fans who were not obsessed would only vote once or twice. Last year Antonella won fairly, however, the draw happened after I noticed that two fans created fake accounts -from the same IP- and created around 50 accounts with several votes -literally- . For the record, Antonella’s winning was legit last year. It took me literally hours to validate all votes, but so much freedom allowed some guys to tarnish the contest. This is why this year the mechanics change and I blocked repeated IPs and monitor closely how voting was progressing. Fortunately nothing irregular took place.

  12. boobgeek says:

    wow I had no idea Antonella had a mafia! She won two years in a row. I do wish Milena and Leanne or even Ewa made it to the finals this year. Votes is votes its not a fuckin Oscar being given out. its a boob beauty contest and not a cup contest. Who has the best boobs is already a trivial idea since there really are far to many top quality superb models. Who gets gifs and who doesn’t stop bitching. You can just as easily take 5 seconds and get a gif to look at. We should all be thankful these living works of art are willing to show us their beauty for our pleasure. Just chill and relax and don’t freak out and nerd rage if Tessa Fowler wins this year! I know I will freak out like the boob geek I am since I want her to win!

    1. JC says:

      Thanks. Finally somebody reasoning here. That is why there are links on the descriptions, so people can look for more pics if they want.

  13. bigtetitas says:

    @ boobgeek, have you seen Tessa’s fowlers tits on MFC?? they are fucking droopy, they fix her tits with fish eyed lenses big time. Those are NOT boob winning award tits. PERIOD. Im DONE. @JC thank you for your explanation.

    1. JC says:

      I am sure thousands of people disagree with you.
      I waste my time replying to these comments, but I give you a platform to post your opinion.
      I am done with this too. Again, with all due respect to Antonella, hundreds of people voted for Beth, Anri, etc. Hundreds voted for Tessa, Lucie, Katerina.
      Thousands voted and they expressed their opinions. I don’t see any Amanda Love fan complain even though she is on top o the Eye Candy contest. I certainly didn’t see any Lucie Wilde’s fan whine last year? Considering that they voted once a week instead of everyday. The rules were the rules last year and the rules are the rules this year.

  14. NottyBoy says:

    Wow, there are so many absolutely gorgeous big boob models to choose from in this contest, and when I read people bitching about a model not making the final round, it makes me laugh… We all have favorites, but so do other guys. Personally, I did not vote this year, and if I did, I surely would have a very tough time picking who to vote for. As Mr. Boobsrealm has said, this is not just about tit size, as there are other attributes to consider when voting for a model. I think people should just enjoy the contest, and the fantastic models more, and worry less about who is winning it. As a producer myself, that is what I do when I shoot a model, as each model brings something different to the table… Thank you.

    1. JC says:

      Thank you for the comment Nottyboy. You are right. People should enjoy the contest and respect others opinions.
      If somebody is a boob expert, it is Nottyboy who has amazing scenes on http://www.nottyboy.xxx/ and also on http://clips4sale.com/74075/naughty-boy-xxx/ with great busty models and other non-busty cuties

  15. boobgeek says:

    wow I watch every show on mfc of Tessa and I have to say that’s the dumbest most inaccurate description ever. Dude you can think what you want but that’s a bullshit statement and that’s all I am saying.

    1. JC says:

      One thing is being a fan and other is been obsessed. Problem is that grown up adults are reacting as children.

  16. ca uk says:

    Interesting reactions here some of which are the sort of negativity we could do without.
    the people have clearly spoke and these are the finalists. ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!
    raven works hard to put this together and please lets respect that and stop with the moaning. I havent voted but for me its tessa fowler who would get my vote. She has incredible tits with amazing shape and hang and perfect cherry nipples, ive seen lots of her videos and many pics and as an experienced tit-man can vouch for those tits being
    amongst the best out there. Sure there not the biggest but they are incredible. She has a great camera pressence and handles her tits well.

    1. JC says:

      Thanks for the kind words… Actually I am disappointed on how the contest have been handled by fans and models. Next year the mechanics will change.
      Fans will vote until the semifinal…Two girls from each group will advance. A committee of bloggers, fans and producers will vote. It will be. Fans can vote in the final, but that would only account for 1 or 2 votes out of the 11 that will be considered to choose the winner. It will be more fair to everybody.
      There are actual sponsors giving money for the winner. Childish behaviour may impact the contest. So I think the Miss Boobs Realm 2016 edition will be even more fair to be everybody and will have a bigger impact as the owners of the sites that hire the models will have a say on who wins.

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