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Meet Andrea from xes.pl, Ines Cudna lookalike doing hardcore

andrea ines cudna fucked
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  1. ca uk says:

    Hmmm while I agree shes hot she doesnt look much like innes, im a long term score reader as you know and innes was one of the best to feature and this girl does not look like her. In all honesty shes just one of many typical blondes featured in porn but yes she is hot and will certainly be popular with many. Not a polish busty classic tho like bea flora or vanessa. Also the guy she is with looks a total douchebag and makes a poor job. Looks inexperienced, sorry jc.

    1. JC says:

      Yeah.. It is a polish site and probably the people involved have not worked with other companies. Yeah I think Ines is hotter, but maybe this Andrea girl is the closes we get

  2. pan says:

    Thanks for doing a profile on her . . . she really deserves a lot more recognition outside of Poland.

  3. Mike says:

    I would actually be more interested in seeing this model and others like her such as the new model from czech casting, Renata, on Daktari lorenz’s sites. I wonder if they know of the existence of these models. Nadine’s site needs a little bit more variety.

    1. JC says:

      I agree with you.Yes They are aware of Renata aka Suzy existence. Andrea is a virtual unknown. Her issue might be that she does not speak english and does not work with an agency. Suzy does not speak english either, but it seems both girls are in different places in life.

  4. Legion says:

    Great find, I like these posts about undiscovered/not well-known hardcore talent. Keep up the good work ^^

  5. pan says:

    Just a quick piece of advice: you might try actually thanking the people who provide you with recommendations in the future – if not from good manners, then from simple common sense. Andrea is probably one of the top ten b/g newcomers of 2016 and I have a fairly long list of other girls and websites I’d love to share with fellow boob fans, but what do you think is the likelihood now of their ever making their way onto this site . . .

    1. JC says:

      Hi. Pan thanks. I think you may have missed this part on the first paragraph “While Ines Cudna may be gone, a fellow titty-lover; a fan of this blog going by the name of Pan shared a polish porn site that features a girl who resembles Ines Cudna”

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