Meet Andrea from, Ines Cudna lookalike doing hardcore

Meet Andrea from, Ines Cudna lookalike doing hardcore

We all wanted to watch Ines Cudna in boy/girl hardcore action. The closest thing we got was Ines walking around grabbing a guy by his dick on Busty Euro Maids on Scoreland. I had an interview last year with Ines Cudna where she stated she was retired and she had never plans on going hardcore. While Ines Cudna may be gone, a fellow titty-lover; a fan of this blog going by the name of Pan shared a polish porn site that features a girl who resembles Ines Cudna. The busty lookalike goes by the name of Andrea and the site is seems to be a hidden gem, but very popular in Poland. It’s visited by almost 500k people a month, getting the majority of its visitors from Poland and the UK. Today I introduce you to Xel.Pl and busty Andrea. I think that watching Andrea get fucked, suck cock and be cummed on is what any Ines Cudna fan would have dreamed about. Same blonde hair, same skin tan, eyes, big boobs and overall body. I can dare to say that Andrea is the Ines Cudna Porn Doppelgänger.

What do you think? Is Andrea the Ines Cudna of porn? The young busty polish has shot over 5 scenes for She has even fucked two guys at the same time. Let’s see what this new busty blonde polish brings to the table, besides those big natural tits and the doll face.

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