Busty models

Miss BoobsRealm 2014 is up tomorrow!

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  1. bigtetitas says:

    NOOOO!! Lucie’s Wildes boobs are already being used and abuse, they are getting so saggy already, doesnt even compare to Antonellas,,, and the other girls boobs are not big enough. except Leanne is the only competition for Antonella

  2. bigtetitas says:

    Lili Madison.. she looks like a grandma. NO way.. honestly perfect boobs are Antonella. Im just being fair. Ohhhh and Leanne

  3. bigtetitas says:

    Lana Kendrick looks always angry and Agnetis looks always sad she hardly smiles.. poor girls

  4. bigtetitas says:

    the Non busty girls have no chance

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