Codi Vore hardcore Update, Rachael C Scoreland Debut

Scoreland has finally post a teaser photo of what you will find on their website. Codi Vore and a pro porn stud in the same picture. No XXX tease yet,but we know blonde busty Codi took the cock and the cum. The big tits were challenged to have a big cock between them. Let’s say that the tits won as the cock could not handle it and exploded.

Scoreland brings us also former topless-only model Rachael C, who finally does full frontal nude! Yes, I really hope Scoreland brings more topless-only models to the dark side. WHile we can’t get excited for Hardcore, it is a big step in the right direction to have a glamour model to work for a porn site… Rachael C has amazing big tits. She has worked for PInupfiles and Cosmid. Probably we may have her first girl-girl. Who knows. What other British busty modesl would you like to go full-frontal nude for Scoreland?

Watch Rachael C Scoreland Debut

8 Replies to “Codi Vore hardcore Update, Rachael C Scoreland Debut

  1. Fuck yeah… Can’t find the image on the site myself but this is legit.

    Quote from Codi’s Twitter: “I have a feeling *WINK WINK* you will want your membership by October.” Looks like a good estimate to me!

    That Rachael is gorgeous.

  2. Meh….not sure what the fuss is about. Codi Vore is certainly cute from the boobs up, but the rest of her looks like a sack of flour.

    1. I just think she’s *pretty* and fun and engaging as a performer. I like her lower section too, she’s neither too fat nor too buff for me. She comes off as a regular girl who really knows what she’s got to flaunt, and her weirder side is appealing to me even if she seems to force it a little sometimes. She’s all I need to get off to.

      1. Louis – To each his own, as everyone has their own likes/dislikes. Not a knock on your rationale, I just see girls like her, Millie Marks and number of others as way too bottom heavy. While I’m certainly not into stick figures/athletic types, there’s something to be said for at least a little less girth around the middle.

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