Angel Wicky fucked by 2 and squirting for LegalPorno

Busty Angel Wicky is looking better than ever. The blonde -now with purple’ish hair- got fucked hard until she squirted on her latest scene for the European porn mogul’s from Legal Porno.

Angel Wicky is one of the top busty pornstars of the moment. Below some amazing still from her LP scenes that you have to watch. She always gets ore than 1 cock. Sometimes she has busty friends with her.

Look at that sexy slutty face. Isn’t she gorgeous? She has easily one of the prettiest faces in porn.

Watch Angel Wicky fucked by 2

4 Replies to “Angel Wicky fucked by 2 and squirting for LegalPorno

    1. always remember the number one rule of porn stars (male and female) whores lie

      she has always lied about them being natural, they were a very good boob job but they WERE a boob job

      and I’ve never seen someone come back from a double mastectomy with tits looking better than they did previously, this is because the breast tissue is usually completely removed and the tits need completely reconstructed not simply upgraded thru the nipple which has obviously happened here and thru photos on her website

      Its obvious to me that she has just got them enlarged even more and just can’t admit that they weren’t natural, to begin with

      I dunno it just reeks of bullshit and Id like to see someone call her out on it as cancer is no laughing matter

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