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PornoEconomics: Cam Girls, debunking myths and explaining the business

asiri stone
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  1. GC says:

    Just because a cam girl has to pay half of her money to the cam site is not my responsibility as a consumer. Spending $200 for a 15-20 minute show is a lot of money for the average porn consumer. People should just boycott camming sites until the price comes down, but there will always be more people with $$$ then brains and thats how they choose to spend their disposable income.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      I do understand you don’t like camshows; however, it is supply and demand. Cam Sites get millions of visitors every month, with is way over the regular porn sites (called “paysites)

  2. Lod says:

    I don’t like the grainy low quality cameras and the shoddy or lack of camera work prevalent in camming, but good luck to those performers.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      There are some that have great cameras. But that’s also why they need to invest money

  3. Danny says:

    I don’t think it’s all cam sites that are overly priced. I’ve stated before that I like Myfreecams because their girls for the most part have a reasonable price. Other than that I’ll stick to good ol’ fashioned pay sites like Scoreland till the very end.

  4. DTG says:

    I dont think your statements regarding US taxation is correct. Foreign persons who make money via cams are not physically present in the US and are not subject to US taxation. The US does not have a tax treaty with all countries, but generally, the country of residence has the first right to tax. How can US cam companies issue 1099’s to foreign performers, if these foreign performers dont have a SSN or ITIN? Furthermore, deductions in the US can be pretty aggressive for these performers, there actually is tax case law on it.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      You are right. What you say applies to most of the cases. However, if performer also has an own website and requires to contract a payment processor, that foreign performer will need to create an LLC or Corporation in the States, thus have an ITIN. If the performer uses that corporation as the recipient of the cam site payment, that is when the issue gets tricky.

      1. DTG says:

        You are correct, I dunno who they use as their tax accountant, or who advises from a business standpoint. These careers are short, and the performer, should maximize income/limit taxation, for the duration of this part of their careers, I guess the advise (?) is coming from less than supportive people, who want to maximize fees in their pockets. I would suggest other pathways as it relates to structure and income especially for foreign performers who do work in the US.

        1. Boobsrealm says:

          Yeah. I think I will write a more detailed post about tax advise for cam girls and porn performers. If you have some info you would like to share, please let me know.
          I do wonder who help them for their taxes. I think they are just a few guys doing the cam girls taxes, which means that these accountants may be just taking money out of the girls pockets without trying to put effort into the tax planning that a tax consultant would

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