Ariane Saint-Amour Scoreland debut! Finally! Masturbates!

ArianeSaintAmour scoreland

Busty Quebecoise Ariane Saint-Amour has finally done her Scoreland debut. After years of wait and receiving suggestions by Bella French, myself and others Scoreland finally decided to shoot busty Ariane Saint-Amour. And she shows her pussy for the first time… she masturbates!

I always thought it was an oxymoron that Scoreland did not decide to bring in Ariane, yet they had other D + girls featured on the site. The wait is over. Ariane Saint-Amour gets wider exposure. Her giant fake tits get more fame. She is not a newcomer at all, but I guess she may be new to many of you.

If you have followed the blog you may have read my story when I met her at a Montreal strip club. I got to play with her boobs and motorboat her. She hit me with her right boob and almost broke my nose. A story to tell when I’m an old man.

Watch Ariane Saint-Amour Scoreland debut

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