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sensual jane escorting 2019

Let’s get to the second part of the news and rumors. Also, thank you for your responses on the survey…

Click here for part 1 and complete the survey: BoobsRealm Survey

Let’s start with the survey preliminary results then continue with some news and rumors. There will be a part 3 this weekend.


So far 50% of you would pay for content and over 60% would care more about the model, regardless of the quality.

The most voted models you would like to see on a topless interview for American, British, European and Pornstar are: Tessa Fowler, Beth Lily, Sha Rizel and Katerina Hartlova. I can guarantee you 20% of that, there is another 10% so far for another interview of your favorites… and you won’t believe who =).

Most people by far would listen to the podcast regardless of a foreign accent.

With regards to the names still the top 3 choices are: The Boobs Realm Podcast, Boobs Talk and The Boobs Realm Experience. Someone suggested BoobCast, as play of podcast-.

When the new layout was brought up, 65% liked it better than previous ones; however, many have told me the site gets slow and doesnot load properly sometimes. I will address this issue on the weekend, changing the layout, hopefully to something simpler but better looking.

Now let’s go to the rumors:

Scoreland has brought in anice bunch of girls to the site… I will post about them on the weekend; however, it is worth mentioning that half of them have signed the dotted line for HARDCORE which will be released later this year.

Go meet the new Scoreland girls 

Get ready for Anna getting a dick between those tits… and in other places

Anna scoreland



On the flip side, there might be still new content along with Maria Body’s new photos on the StacyVandenbergboobs site

Download All Stacy Valentine Topless Photos

stacy-vandenberg busty schoolgirl

We have learned that another popular model from Romania is likely done with modeling. While I cannot reveal the name, I would just leave as 2019 was the last year we saw her.

Also, you already know by now that Erin and Helen, the star sisters are both pregnant. I am sure they will make good money lactating, but who knows what will happen next to their careers.

Keeping it with Romanians, reached to Sensual Jane. She is still escorting. If you have $1,500 you can fuck those firm tits! Below a recent photo of Jane waiting to meet a new cock. Contact Jane on FB You can mention Boobsrealm brought you there =).

sensual jane escort 2019

Speaking of European girls, there is a rumor going that Lucy Li could be going back to hardcore after her divorce. Let’s wait and see. Hopefully it happens. However, her boobs have deflated from her post pregnancy size, which was huge due to melons.

Speaking of melons…. within the next 10 days the brand new and first ever official site of my beloved Katerina Hartlova comes out. I was told I will be the first to be told when the site is up, so I will inform you as soon as I am told and I have a computer to post it!

katy hartlova twitter

Last but not least, Cara Ruby is back! She just launched her new official website. I missed this pretty lady!She is gorgeous. Really cute girl with amazing giant rack


cara ruby site



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18 thoughts on “BoobsRealm news, rumors, updates (part 2), Sensual Jane, Katerina, Stacy Vandenberg, more

  1. I have always liked Sensual Jane, but have never understood why she preferred escorting over working in some what safer surrounds of legit porno company’s.
    At least the male porno actors have to undergo regular health checks and industry insiders know the true identity of their male workers.
    Escorting is fraught with potential disaster, we have the tragic example of European actress Eva Kay to prove that.
    She should really think twice about where her life is heading.

    1. Every year the red alert of HIV infection hit these “legit porn companies” . On other hand, no sex worker will do unprotected sex with strangers.

  2. Eva Kay was escorting and had a rich Russian’s son for a client. He beat her to death and is on the run from the police last I read. It was rumored there were 3 girls present and one of them was Clary. Supposedly thats why she quit the porn/escort life.

    1. Thanks GC

      Just to add the guy struck her more than 100 times with a blunt instrument and also tried to drown her in a bath.
      It’s actually four not three other prostitutes that he seriously assaulted and is wanted for as well.
      To add to this tragic story Eva had given birth to a baby boy a few months before her death.
      As you point out and as far as we all know he is still on the run.

      No matter how much money these girls make per hour, the money does not offset the risk of being being a victim of violent abuse or murder.
      The next client might be the psycho from hell.

  3. It’s far more likely, statistically speaking, that Sensual Jane would die in a car or bike accident rather than at the hands of a psychotic john, and yet I don’t think you’d advise her never to drive a car or ride a bike again. What happened to Eva Kay is just a very rare anomaly, and unfortunately homicidally deranged people can show up in any walk of life. That being said, I really don’t see why women like Sensual Jane subject themselves to the emotional and physical degradation of escorting. Jane’s good looking and doesn’t seem especially stupid . . . she could easily make a living in some other way.

      1. I have 0 interest in big boob models that don’t do b/g porn. I like SJ and Katarina but Katarina only does her bf and thats getting old fast.

          1. Early in her career she did a couple other guys and a bukake for Torbe. But for at least 10 years now the only did she takes is her baby daddy. Just saying she is getting boring.

    1. I chatted with SJ today and asked her about whether she has sex with clients unprotected. She said she does for an extra $1,000. Firstly, whilst I think she is beautiful and have met several time over the years, I was really surprised she is having unprotected sex. Does charging $1,000 make it any safer for her. Like the post above I have never quite understood why she escorts or even does porn, She is one of the few naturally beautiful girls in porn and is not dumb and the last time I saw her I asked her why she does it. Not longer after I met her she retired so always wondered whether our conversation made her think twice. Unlikely I know but have never understood why she escorts. Personally I think she just loves the life it gives her and is willing to take the risks that comes with it.

  4. I’m curious as to who these others girls are? I know one of them will be Lissa Hope who just debuted for SCORES.

    1. So far as newcomers for Scoreland go in the last little while go, There’s been 6:
      Casca Akashova
      Katy Ann
      Lissa Hope
      Sigal Acon
      Jenni Noble
      Anna (would make six)
      I believe Anna and Jenni are doing hardcore along with Lissa which would be half of the last six newcomers and Casca Akashova has stated on her social media her intentions to do hardcore as well. Hopefully there are more newcomers on the way for them.

    1. Hi I have contacted the website email address and got a response to deposit 500 euro using murrelet and pay the rest when we meet, I don’t feel comfortable lying upfront in case there is no show or it’s a scam

      Does anyone nowComment

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