18 years old Addisson First Hardcore on HeavyOnHotties

addisson hardcore

Young sensation Addisson first hardcore ever on HeavyOnHotties is coming soon! I recommend you to join HoH now and while you wait fapping to the other amazing girls fucked on the website, you get the membership to be among the first ones to watch the spectacular XXX event.

Remember that HoH has amazing girls fucked! Just remember retired Canadian Jemma Valentine, who did her first hardcore ever for Cel. Also Busty Russian sensation Josephine Jackson gets a dick. Another busty girl who many of you know in one of her rare hardcore scenes. You know, non-stop boy/girl for the hardcore xxx lovers.

I am sure that if you subscribe now to HeavyOnHotties you will even watch the scene before I do. So what are you waiting for?

Watch 18 years-old Addisson First Hardcore

addisson hardcore

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15 thoughts on “18 years old Addisson First Hardcore on HeavyOnHotties

  1. It would be worth it if HOH hired real male talent to work with the girls. Cel is kinda on the pudgy side (no offense) and has a small cock. Thats a bad combo for porn.

    1. Lol why do you complain about a man’s cock size? I would say that many many people buy the membership, thus there is a market. Plus he does what many of us would love to do.

      1. “Kinda on the pudgy side.”

        Nah, he’s fat. She’s really nice, but I just can’t see paying to join a site to see any girl get fucked by a fat old guy with a tiny dick. Maybe that’s just me.

        1. Complaining about having a fat guy on a site called HEAVYonhotties.com, is like complaining there are too many black guys on blacked.com or too many old guys on oldje.com …

          1. Ha ha. Yep, I didn’t realize the “Heavy” part meant a fat guy either. I thought it meant lots of hotties…like when you order a burger and say “heavy on the mustard”.

      2. Porn is a mostly visual product and yeah, the male performer is part of the visual. I don’t even care that much most of the time, but I love a good titfuck scene and there’s a major difference between a guy with a small dick trying to titfuck a girl like Addisson and a guy who’s got the length to really make use of her size (and who knows what he’s doing). There are certain sex acts and positions where it’s just a lot better, visually, to have a hung and/or fit male performer. Hence top-end porn being mostly hung fit dudes.

        I have nothing against the guy. He’s doing what we’d love to do, good for him. And there’s a certain appeal to seeing average guys with exceptional girls. But GC isn’t saying anything crazy.

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I fucking knew it would happen! Awesome. Hopefully she sticks around. Best black tits since Tyra Moore IMO

  3. Comment i think cel is the best in the business at the moment, always handels the girls well and his photography is second to none

  4. For me, it’s about believing the fantasy. With HoH it becomes way too obvious that this is just a disgusting ugly fatso paying girls to fulfill his own desires. There’s no way these girls feel anything but utter disgust for participating in this, and knowing all this is a huge turn-off for me. And for this reason I wanna see hot girls fucked by hot guys, to make it slightly believable that there is mutual enjoyment, not just organized rape with a money transaction at the end. If some people are willing to pay to watch this, fine. For me, it is soul crushing and an eye opener to the sick world of porn.

    1. I have seen couples where the girl is hot and the guy is not handsome…
      In general women do not fuck just based on looks.
      I feel that it is jealousy to trash somebody that does what we can’t do.

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