Lucie Wilde Wins Honorary Miss Boobs Realm!

Legendary Lucie Wilde joined the busty girls elite. She won the Honorary Miss Boobs Realm reaching the pedestal she deserved.

The contest featured girls that could have won previous editions of Miss Boobs Realm if the rules would have been the same they have been since 2016.

As you can see there was an obvious winner. Add your comments below. I think Lucie is among the best ever!

Lucie Wilde: Lost by 1 vote to Antonella Kahllo in 2014. Voting was daily, so some fans rallied to vote for the eventual winner, leaving the girls with no social media presence with lower chances to win.


Sha Rizel: In 2013 the contest returned after 3 years. Voting was allowed daily and Sha Rizel was the runner-up way behind eventual winner Antonella Kahllo. Sha Rizel was not favored by her lack of social media presence or interaction on webcam

Beth Lily: Beth was one of the top 3 stars in 2015 along with eventual winner Samanta Lily and Viola Baileys. However, Viola never got to blossomed and did not qualify to the finals. If a Committee would have existed, Beth could have won the whole thing. Even Playboy magazine predicted her win.

Demy Blaze: In Demy Blaze’s case, she got higher voting than Samanta Lily¬† as second place in their group in 2018, but got eliminated due to Committee voting.

I posted a poll before the end 2018 asking for your favorite Miss Boobs Realm. The winner was Tessa Fowler. Do you think that out of all the winners, Tessa is the best which in theory would make her the best ever?

Speaking of the best ever, Get Ready for Miss Boobs Realm ALL-STAR that will feature the best busty girls of this century. So yes, finally la creme de la creme will be in one contest. The contest will start soon and one group will be revealed each week.

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