Breaking News: Leanne Crow pregnant and married

If you have seen the latest Leanne Crow videos and pictures you may have noticed her nipples are getting darker. Darker nipples if one of the signs of pregnancy. If you were suspecting it, now you can be sure. Leanne Crow is pregnant and it has been announced on Instagram.

Congrats to Leanne and the lucky guy who will get to play with those for a very long time.

I noticed something in her nipples and I heard a rumor a while ago, but did not want to post it. Now here is the confirmation. While I do not know if she will shoot lactation videos, this could also mean on the other hand that this might be the end of an era.

I do not know if you have heard this, but it is always rumored that deaths and pregnancies always come in 3’s.. last time it was Anri Okita, Katerina Hartlova and Lily Madison. This time who would be the other two…. I know who you are thinking, but I cannnot confirm that one.

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13 Replies to “Breaking News: Leanne Crow pregnant and married

  1. I can confirm Maserati and Katie Thornton (who’s out of the industry now) based on social media. Follow them both and they are both very pregnant at the moment.

  2. Yeah. I’m really gonna miss Leanne Crow. I think she wants to live the married life.
    I believe that Samanta Lily is also with child. She already has a few lactation videos on her site.

    1. Her content has been going sharply downhill and she’s been much less frequent on social media… seen this coming a mile away

  3. Regarding the Instagram picture above Leanne says on her Instagram post that “Mommy & Daddy at a wedding in Spain last month”, key word being “a” and not “our” wedding.

  4. I never saw the appeal in her. Just a chunky, tattooed, girl with big tits. She doesn’t even get naked except for showing her big floopies.

    1. I don’t know… I really liked her in the beginning. Her breasts were firm and had a unique shape (and were BIG), and she always had that great smile. She knew how to pose. I still like her, just not as much.

    2. Same here! Just never understood the craze over this one particular model. Much as I love huge naturals, she’s simply never did anything for me. Meh, to each his (or her) own….

  5. Damn. Here I was hoping that the breaking news was going to be that she has decided to start working out and stop stuffing her face.

    Hubby better be careful. If she’s this size pre-marriage, she could easily hit whale status in the near future.

  6. Her veins look amazing!
    Also, she’s one of the few girls that has the thing where their huge tits make their head look smaller.

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