Meet cam girls Milota Rose and Sweetpam4you, Viola Baileys fucks again

I said on twitter that there was a new girl that may become a fan favorite. Her name is Milota Rose. She is an Eastern European cam girl on MFC. I have to be honest, I saw her online and I was really blown-away by her beauty and her massive titties. There is not much about her online. Milota Rose is a busty hidden gem. Do you think she should be added to the Miss Boobs Realm 2016 pre-nominees list? BTW, the nominees list and pre-nominees have been updated. check it out. More girls have been added. It looks like the contest will feature 120 busty girls in 12 groups of 10 each.


Another busty girl is Latina Sweet Pam aka SweetPam4You. This busty girl is taking social media by storm.  She has been taking over Snapchat and sharing her hot body with everyone. You can follow Sweet Pam on twitter @Sweetpam4you and watch her on live on webcam.

Sweetpam4you webcam Sweetpam4you tits

Last but not least, Viola Baileys!!! So it has been confirmed that more hardcore will be released soon. A DP and many new boy/girl material is gonna be up soon. Woodman already released a new scene of Viola fucking one of Woodman’s buddies. PW announced that he will release soon a threesome involving Viola Bailey and Apolonia LaPiedra. It has been confirmed that Viola Baileys is eager to do hardcore and is just signed to JulsModels which is one of the top agencies in Europe. As you may already know, Legal Porno has been after Viola Baileys for quite some time, but PW has advised Viola to stay away from them. You can watch the latest Viola Baileys hardcore and the upcoming Wake Up N Fuck threesome and wait for more Viola boy/girl to be released. It seems Viola Baileys would be a bigger star by the end of 2016.



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