Sensual Jane and critique

So apparently you either someone has told Jane about my post or something that I ignored happened but the thing is that Sensual Jane has blocked me.

Unfortunately because of that I wont be able to give you complete news in 2 weeks. Obviously I didn’t post about it because I have some issues too. I’m doing my best to post tonight. But obviously indint have to give you details on what my issues about posting are.

However the info I had was that Sensual Jane was back to escorting and charging 600 euros for half a day which is a very reasonable price. He’ll it is a bang for your buck for fucking those big tits. A bit over 200 bucks an hour to fuck Sensual Jane is a very cheap price that definitively all of us would pay with a smile on our faces.

It seems that with Jane blocking me and maybe news spreading ahe would up her fees. However you can join her onlyfans for her updated escorting tour dates and feed. Yeah you can fuck Jane if she is in Europe. Who knows maybe she could tour north America. However visa issues play a factor. Jane was supposed to come to Canada in 2014 for a well-known agency but visa issues prevented her to come overseas. Yeah I would have happily paid that.



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