Angela White is a slutty tenant on Property Sex (@ANGELAWHITE)

Angela White is  a busty nympho who can’t stop fucking several guys. She uses tinder to meet one-night-stands. Her neighbors have complained so Chuck, the landlord is going to evict poor Angela.

Things get exciting when Angela thinks her landlord is her new fuck friend and start teasing him with the landlord-tenant roleplay. She is embarrased when she finds out Chuck is her real landlord; however,  she is already horny and wants to get fucked, no matter if it costs her getting evicted from home.

Did she get to stay at her place? Does Chuck man up and fuck her hard? Watch the following free video. It is a very entertaining piece and very hot too. Props to Angela and Chuck for the acting which makes it a very memorable scene.

Property Sex is a site focused on real state sex adventtures. Angela White is Miss Boobs Realm 2017.  She does amazing work and is the top pornstar of the decade.

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