Girls Qualified to Finals and Redemption Round: Miss Boobs Realm 2016

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Merry Christmas to everybody! The wait is over! 11 girls qualified to Miss Boobs Realm 2016 finals, whereas other 11 will compete in the Redemption Round that Starts Monday December 26th and ends on Sunday January 1st, 2017. Some upsets and some surprises took place. Fans voted, the Committee voted, too.- see explanation of why there is Committee here-. However, as you may see fans voting and Committee voting overall either agreed on the girls or fans voting prevailed.

Note: Tessa Fowler got the most votes overall in the second round.

Note: To view the standing on fans voting please click on each Group’s title.

Group A

Fans voting winner: Angela White (gets 2 points), who was only followed closely by the surprise of this group Mila, who manged to get more votes than Leanne Crow.

Committee Voting:  Angela White (3 points), Mila (1 point), Leanne Crow (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Angela White (5 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: Mila (1 point), who qualifies over Leanne Crow as Mila got more votes on the fan voting.

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Group B

Fans voting winner: Katerina Hartlova (gets 2 points), who was way far from 2nd place, KissMeFirst.

Committee Voting: KissMeFirst (1 point), Katerina Hartlova (1 point), Tiffany Cappotelli (1 point), TaniaAngel (1 point), Julianna Simms (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Katerina Hartlova (3 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: KissMeFirst (1 point). Gets more votes than Agnetis Miracle.

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Group C

Fans voting winner: Viola Baileys (gets 2 points). got over 100% advantage over 2nd place, Agnetis Miracle, who did not pass the 100 votes mark.

Committee Voting: Viola Baileys (2 points), Agnetis Miracle (1 point), Kendra Roll (1 point), Casssidy Morgan (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Viola Baileys (4 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: None as other models in other groups got either more fan votes or more Committee points.

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Group D

Fans voting winner: Rion (gets 2 points). Suzie Sun got the second place.

Committee Voting: Suzie Sun (2 points), Rion (1 point), Angel Dust Baby (1 point), Kattelovely (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Rion (3 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: Suzie Sun (2 points)

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Group E

Fans voting winner: Hitomi Tanaka (gets 2 points). SexyGamerGirl123 got many votes to place her in the second place.

Committee Voting: Hitomi Tanaka (1 point), SexyGamerGirl (1 point), Nadine Jansen (1 point), Lana Kendrick (1 point), Lottii Rose (1 point), Misa Lowe (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Hitomi Tanaka (3 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: SexyGamerGirl123 (1 points). Got more votes overall than Agnetis Miracle and Lena Paul.

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Group F

Fans voting winner: Tessa Fowler (gets 2 points). Got over 3.5 times the votes of the girl in 2nd place, Lena Paul, thus eliminating everybody in her group.

Committee Voting: Tessa Fowler (4 points), Lena Paul (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Tessa Fowler (6 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: None

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Group G

Fans voting winner: Sensual Jane (gets 2 points). Beth Lily got in a close 2nd place.

Committee Voting: Sensual Jane (2 points), Beth Lily (1 point), Codi Vore (1 point), Anri Okita (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Sensual (4 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: Beth Lily (1 point) and more votes than Agnetis Miracle


Group H

Fans voting winner: Samanta Lily (gets 2 points). Amateur Gabriela Baeva turned out to be a fan favorite, getting a surprising 2nd place.

Committee Voting: Samanta Lily (2 points), Gabriela Baeva (2 points),  Lana Ivans (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Samanta Lily (4 points) Qualifies directly to finals due to fans voting having privilege.

Qualified to Redemption Round: Gabriela Baeva (2 points)

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Group I

Fans voting winner: Lovely Lilith (gets 2 points). Followed closely by Lucy Li.

Committee Voting: Lucy Li (2 points), Nikki Eliot (2 points), Lovely Lilith (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Lovely Lilith (3 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: Lucy Li (2 points) and Gabriela Baeva ( 2 points)

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Group J

Fans voting winner: Stacey Poole (gets 2 points). Angel Wicky got only1 vote less.

Committee Voting: Bella Roux (2 points), Stacey Poole (1 point), Angel Wicky (1 point), Natasha Nice (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Stacey Poole (3 points).

Qualified to Redemption Round: Bella Roux (2 points) and Angel Wicky  ( 1 point)


Group K

Fans voting winner: Asiri Stone (gets 2 points). Followed by Adriana Sweet.

Committee Voting: Sabrina Nichole (2 points), Asiri Stone (1 point), Adriana Sweet (1 point), Alexsis Faye (1 point)

Qualified to Finals: Asiri Stone (3 points)

Qualified to Redemption Round: Sabrina Nichole (2 points)

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Redemption Round will be 100% based on fans voting and will only last 7 days. The winner will advance to the Final.

Qualified to Redemption Round: Voting Starts December 26th and ends January 1st.

Angel Wicky, Bella Roux, Beth Lily, Gabriela Baeva, KissMeFirst, Lucy Li, Mila (Hello_x_pussy), Nikki Elliot, SexyGamerGirl123, Sabrina Nichole and Suzy Sun.

Qualified to Miss Boobs Realm 2016 FINAL: Voting Starts January 2nd and ends January 9th.

Angela White, Asiri Stone, Hitomi Tanaka, Katerina Hartlova, Lovely Lilith, Rion, Samanta Lily, Sensual Jane, Stacey Poole, Tessa Fowler and Viola Baileys.

14 thoughts on “Girls Qualified to Finals and Redemption Round: Miss Boobs Realm 2016

  1. Mila x pussy got more votes than Leanne Crow? Do people vote for overall looking or boobs, because I think Leanne’s tits are far more attractive than Mila’s imo. However I am happy with the other votes and the girls qualified for the finals.

    1. Based on some comments it seems that overall looks took over in MIla’s case. Accorind to some fans, 2016 has been a disappointing year for them when checking out Leanne. Some credit it to weight, while others lack of “it factor” on her shoots.

  2. I have no use for the busty girls that don’t do hardcore porn so I would never vote for girls that are just topless tease’s like Leanne Crow or Tessa Fowler. My choice is Viola Bailey.

    1. It is worth noting that all previous winners are: Merilyn Sakova, Antonella Kahllo and Samanta Lily. And the legends contest was won by Ala Pastel. All non-hardore. However, Lucie Wilde could have won in 2014 making it an exception. Let’s see what happens here. The finals will start on January 2nd.

      1. I suppose that it is easier for softcore models to win this kind of voting. I at least assume there is a wider “audience” for tits&ass type of entertainment than for hardcore porn. Personally I’d like to have two separate categories – at least it would make it a little bit easier to choose the babes to vote for… :O

        1. It would be a bit hard. Would you consider Hitomi hardcore of softcore in 2016? Codi Vore does hc but only solo for yesboobs and score. Some cam girls have one HC video, but most work is solo. Sabrina Nichole has HC amateur videos, but she is a nude model. There is a chance 2017 will be the last year of the contest. I’ll post about later today.

    2. Softcore girls have that mystery factor that lets you fantasize about them, make them your’s, build them up in your mind as goddesses. When a girl does hardcore, let’s face it, she is devalued to a certain degree. I don’t like this word but, having sex on camera for money, they become “whores” to a certain degree. You’ve seen her fuck, there’s no more mystery. That’s not a knock against hardcore performers. Angela and Hitomi are two of my favorite performers, incredible performers, and Lucie maintained her cute factor even while taking cock. But I generally prefer soft core girls as they offer more allure, more mystery, more to make your imagination run wild.

  3. I was nearly going to ask how Sabrina went ahead of Adrianna, when she had about 9 more fan votes, but then realized that unlike in the 1st round of voting, the “fan vote 2nd place” in the 2nd round wasn’t getting a qualification point in addition to possible comitee points. Now that i have it figured out, i realize that the fan votes still have sufficient weight compared to the comitee ones and thus one or two cases where the 2nd most voted candidate did not advance due a majority in the comitee vote is to be expected.
    I also ended up voting twice (but for different candidates in a few cases) because i forgot, whether or not this year used a strictly “vote once pr. user” type system or if we were actually allowed to vote again after the passage of a full week (meaning 2 votes for particularly enthusiastic fans or those who couldn’t decide on a single canditate within a tough group). It seemed somewhat reasonable to me.
    Almost all of my votes (regardless of which time i voted) went to those who advanced and when they did not, i still predicted who unfortunatly would go on. Group D was something of a toss-up though.
    Earlier when voting was still happening, you(admin/BR) mentioned one girl getting 50% of a groups voting (Tessa, duh), but just to be sure:
    Who were the other 2 candidates who seemed to be doing well, despite not being very active on social media?

  4. Puedo ver la tendencia de los boobslovers va hacia las modelos mas delgadas, en mi caso me gustan un poco mas rellenitas jeje, la verdad si me tomaron por sorpresa los resultados pero pues a final de cuentas es lo que la mayoria decida y estoy conforme con eso, buena suerte para las modelos que pasaron a la siguiente ronda

    1. Mila and Leanne got the amount of votes from the Committee, but Mila got more votes from the fans. I guess there would be a complain too if Angela White would have been eliminated/ She is not the only fan favorite eliminated on this round

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