Miss Boobs Realm 2016

Miss Boobs Realm 2016 Round 2 – Group D

suzie ddfbusty titfuck
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  1. Bob says:

    This was a hard. Almost voted for Sha, probably my top girl at one point, but I haven’t felt the same about her since she got pregnant. Gave my vote to someone else instead, in the end.

  2. Chris Pickledick says:

    Easily Katie Thornton, but this group is really STACKED (Keish a Grey, KatteLovely, Angel Dust Baby)

  3. Danny says:

    This group is what they sometimes like to call in the FIFA World Cup, the “group of death”. So many top candidates and it’s a complete shame that only one of them is moving on. It came down to Katie Thornton and Suzie Sun for me, but Suzie’s decision to retire made me decide to vote Katie because she will carry her career on into 2017 and is still a star on the rise IMO.

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