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New 2016 Tanya Song naked photos

Tanya SOng 2016 new
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  1. ca uk says:

    Great to see her back she is incredible I loved her score work. Tits look a cup size smaller now

    1. asg says:

      “A” cup size? More like 3-4 cup sizes. Granted, she has lost some weight but it is not like she was that heavy before and losing 15 pounds should not shrink her boobs to half size.

  2. boobgeek says:

    Smaller but still one of the all time best pinups to ever grace the camera. Tanya was part of the game changing era of pinup the 2000’s she had to be one of the most famous pinup models ever. I hope she steps it up a bit more. Wonder how her cup size went down, her body is the same and i don’t see scaring.

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