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Tanya Song new 2016 nudes, Lucie Wilde update

tanya song nude 2016
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  1. Robert says:

    hold it. time out. are you saying there is still more unreleased material Busty Buffy hasn’t released yet? after that Hardcore Chess update? if so- why haven’t they released it yet? another question. is that guy who’s been her most recent updates her new bf?

    1. JC says:

      That is what I know but better wait until it is released. Usually sites shoot content that is released after years or some is not even released as it does not meet the quality or the expected result. Sometimes it is released months later after making sure that all fans interested in checking out the whole material already did, so the new material will bring back to the site the most fans possible. It is a business after all.

  2. boobgeek says:

    so glad she returned to her roots! This just made my weekend! Tanya song is one of the best pinups of all time! Any idea if she is going back with Milena and Nadine n the gang? She would be fantastic for pinupfiles this time around!

  3. Clement says:

    Did she get reduction or only loose weight? Still very sexy though!

    1. JC says:

      SHe told me she lost weight

  4. gura says:

    how come she lost weight only on her boob area?

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