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Lucie Wilde is back as a titfuck nurse!!

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  1. Phil K says:

    Quite frankly I never seen a person like her, in that she genuinely is virtually stone faced, and actually to be honest DOESN’T look like she enjoys it. Before you troll me, and say its a job dummy, I know, but it looks like she REALLY DOES NOT LIKE IT. And about the time off, I was curious if it was drug related, there was some mumbo-jumbo on twitter sometime after she debuted and someone said she was hooked on dope… 2 + 2 = 3… so who knows. Still shes ridiculously gorgeous. Maybe she can use it to spring board into main stream, look at that other zombied up stone face, Kristen Stewart, her facial appearance NEVER changes either, at least while acting.

  2. Zeca Ralho says:

    I’m with you, dispite her unbeleavable body, her scennes do nothing for me. She’s just there… waiting for the bus.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      She is developing…it takes time for a girl whose plan was not to do this for a leaving getting fucked on camera.. at least she is with her boyfriend.. so in theory things should flow better in the near future…

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