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Get laid in London with Cleopatra Escorts

veronica south kensington escort
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  1. Clement says:

    Oh god, these girls are amazing. I’ve never been in London but, if I ever am, I’ll have to stop by and spend some time with these beautiful ladies. Please post more busty escorts!

  2. Jan says:

    just be aware that all images have been heavily photoshopped – I wouldn’t go booking anyone whose Selfie pictures you haven’t seen, several sites show these, those that don’t are usually trying to hide things like how old the pics are, how many extra pounds they have put on, how much smaller their boobs are. The photoshop liquify tool is a powerful thing!

    The reputable agencies post selfies – for example, Clarice who you mentioned above, you can see her selfies here: http://www.uksugarbabes.com/gallery/ashley

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      In general, Some girls work for more than 1 agency

    2. GC says:

      Not to mention you book a famous porn star and some other girl shows up and says the famous girl is not available so I came to cover for her. Some agencies will claim to have a girl escorting for them when she does not escort (like Viola Bailey).

  3. napaboy says:

    except 2-3 girls (Rita Faltoyano i.e.) they have all fake boobs

  4. lion says:

    Id avoid London like the plague anyway. But never sleep with anyone in london or from London. AIDS and a swath of other STDs are rampant in London.

    1. Telzzz says:

      The fact of the matter is anyone from anywhere could have HIV or STD’s. If you’re an idiot not practicing safe sex or being selective in you choices then you’re asking to catch something.

  5. Kelvin says:

    It is a common practice to post fake pictures. I hope this site is legit

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