Jana Defi returns?

Bustyl.pl has released a photoshoot of Jana Defi aka Maria Swan. Said website discovered back in 2005. I checked my e-mail and I got a message from the busty.pl admin saying “Maria Swan is back”. What I got were some pictures from a new session. She poses in dark clothes with a deep cleavage. Jana releases her great boobs and smiles to the camera. Are these pictures new? HaveJana decided to come back afte reading the pledges of her thousands of fans? Jana Defi erudits say the pics were taken back in the day when she was a rookie. Websites always keep tons of material to release months or even years after the model departed the company. As far as I now Jana is retired an discouraged to come back. I hope that information is wrong. anyway, here you have some pics courtesy of Bustyl.pl .

Jana Defi and her big boobs, awesome as always


Clothed or naked, she is hot
In these pics, does her cheeks look different?
compare with one of the old pics


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