Spaniard Red Megara Steele Nude

Megara Steele xxcel

Busty Spaniard Megara Steele has new set up on XX-Cel. The Spanish smokeshow is wearing sexy red and letting us see her nude body.

Busty and good-looking Megara Steele’s photos are up. The Busty and smily debutante is  back on XX-Cel to proof us that she is a force to be reckoned in the big tits world. Megara has an onlyfans where she is doing fine. XX-Cel is the first site that features her introducing her to a larger audience.

For those wondering Megara Steele is a very sweet and innocent girl who happens to have a phenomenal body and a pair of naturals Gods would pay for to squeeze. However, Megara is not a pornstar and has stated that she only does nudes. No porn or any tit touching. Megara does not like the misinterpretations of the fact that because she poses nude she is pornstar or she would escort. No. Megara is an erotic model who poses topless or nude.

Take a look at this rare find. Our busty unicorn. A girl one in a million.  Olé!

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18 thoughts on “Spaniard Red Megara Steele Nude

        1. Faith said it after many fans posted on forums that they didn’t like Cel. Models react changing the narrative when they find fans react negatively. That’s why many girls hide boyfriends and kids.

          Faith was managed by a guy in the UK. All work done always is coordinated with agents beforehand.

        2. Merilyn said that the video was supposed to be only touching/fondling but that she was pressured last minute into the titsucking. She also said that fat, hairy, slimy, grimey, no shower taking, tub of lard tried to get her to have sex. And of course boobsrealm want to to suck cel’s babydick so he’ll say i’m lying.

          1. Wrong…
            It was her idea to get the tits sucked.
            I will make a post tomorrow in general about many things that happen BTS without giving names.
            This is information well documented throughout the years based on others and my own experiences
            Title will be: busty stories Behind the scenes

  1. Uh oh. Are we gonna get the “real story” you promised last summer? Lol. You have no credibility bro. Are you and cel gonna do a titsuck video anytime soon?

  2. Let’s entertain this bullshit for a minute boobsrealm is saying he understands the personality of these girls and that’s why Megara Steele won’t be having her boobs sucked. You see boobsrealm is the know all of everything behind-the-scenes in the industry he is the fountain of knowledge and source of all truth.

    And he wonders why people here think he is full of shit.

    1. Because probably you know better without knowing anybody or having never interacting with anybody in the industtry.

        1. It is not a competition but always the same guy comes to a blog he hates and uses different names – same Ip for many times- and tries to discredit anything I say.

    2. I can tell he was right in some cases.
      his aggresive way to give news may displease some fans, but the time tells he’s saying the truth most of the time
      otherwise people wouldn’t visit the blog to see the news.

    1. NO stupid idiot. I mean there is one person that used the same IP to post under different names to make it seem that “a lot” of people share the same opinion.

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