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Hello guys, this is the third partof the 4-part bunch of news and rumors. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey in Part 1. You can still fill it out. What surprised me about part 2 is that everybody focused on the Sensual Jane news rather than the other, fresher news, on that post. Let’s get to part 3.

Lana Blanc

The Jetset Kitten is making her hardcore debut this week. The name of the studio she is filming with has not been disclosed; however, it is not Scoreland. Lana will shoot more hardcore content in the next couple of months. BoobsRealm has also helped in getting one of the b/g deals done.

I am pretty sure you might get a preview on her premium snapchat, as she is shooting the hardcore flick this coming week. Still even if you do not see on sncapchat lna playing with a cock, you will not regret watching her snaps. I have seen her masturbate and orgasm really hard! Join Lana Blanc Premium Snap

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Video interview with Torbe

I have in store for the end of the month a video interview with Torbe. It is in Spanish,so maybe the first tiem I post it it will be in Spanish. if somebody knows how to add captions really fast, please contact me. As you may have noticed I have not been online much due to my 9-5 job and other personal things. However, I plan to catch up soon. Torbe reactivated his social media, but has not been active as he hates dealing with BS there. Check out Barbie Tetona and other latinas that have showed up recently.

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Ines Cudna update 

For those wondering what has been Ines Cudna up to and how she looks like…. Please, please let’s just not ask for things we could regret… so let’s keep in our memories her wonderful mammaries and looks. She was curvy but only in the right places -past tense- . Well, Well,  while Ester European ladies are not in any means similar to their North American a d British counterparts,meaning that they are 100% against socialist, as they indeed lived under that regime, some of the girls have fallen for some trendy buzzwords. Basically Ines Cudna is one of several models from past and present that “fight”online against Global Warming, Body shame and etc. While these could be very lovable actions, just keep in mind that many of the hardcore members of this trends fit certain stereotype: Ganing weight because objectifying women is part of Toxic Masculinity, preach they are Vegans, which means they are better than you,  females should make more money than men, don’t shave their armpits -this one I cannot confirm-, etc… So this is not a political rant, just a way to help you picture in your mind Ines Cudna in 2019.

Let’s remember the Ines Cudna we all fell in love with. Remember it has been over 15 years now. Hey I was more fit and looked very young 15 years ago, not everyone is Katerina Hartlova.

On the picture below, I wonder how the guy did to not have a boner. What a pair of tits!

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Are models rich?

One of the questions you have and what of the biggest myths. While I have been wrong and thought that there was less money to be made than there actually is, models arenot rich at all. What surprises me is that, even though they make good money for a brief period of time, 99% of the times, girls end up with nothing. I am not going to give any names, but I have talked with certain models themselves.

A girl that most of you know, whose name is to remain secret, told me a story that I have heard from other girls from many other different places. Even tho they are making 500 to 1,000 a day, plus webcam revenue, big boobs girls do not have much work unless they do hardcore. Worst part is that this girl, as well as many others have boyfriends that request “loans” then when the cow money does not have job, they break up. Lucie Wilde is one of those examples. Young Lucie had so much money that she thought it was not going to end. She worked her ass off -pun intended-only to buy a brand new car to her junkie boyfriend and have relatives ask for money every week.

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Lucie Wilde Porn GIFS titfuck


This Romanian girl lives with a “boyfriend” who has no stable job so she has to provide for the household, including alcohol for the guy. Boyfriend does not allow model to do hardcore or he might “get angry”. So yes, this story is more common than you think. What happened to this model. I am sure she is one of those who we might never see again past 2019.

Another recurrent story is that certain girls are recruited by porn agencies. As the young girls do not know about market prices and what they are actually getting into, they think 1,000 euros is a lot of money. It could be, but maybe not to get it in the ass or get fucked by 2 guys in a couple of videos.

So models do make good money, but most of them do not know how to handle their new-found career. When there is money, there are many fake friends and vultures that want to get a piece.

What is coming in Part 4?

Part4 is the last round of the several news and rumors. I will give you more updates about the Podcast and content to be made. The blog will continue as always. The content will be a test project, but it will still be a parallel. I have chatted with a very very famous model who showed me her earnings on Onlyfans. 200K a year. So Despite many people not wanting to pay for content, there seems to be market. BoobsRealm will bring content different tha anybody. Yes some tits and masturbation stuff, but you will be able to see the real girls. No gimmicks, no fake porn pretending. Girls just being themselves and offering their titties.

Speaking of content, I would love to have Vivian Blush, but she is the new exclusive girl to Ewa. Find her huge melons naked on the link below

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23 thoughts on “BoobsRealm news, rumors, updates and survey (part 3), Lana Blanc b/g, Ines Cudna, more

  1. For the first half of the Vivian Blush video she’s wearing a red dress and walking back and forth in a fuckin hallway. Then, for the second half, she turns around, takes off her top and raises her hands up. Are people really paying for that??? That’s a free video and after watching that, I already want my time back!!!

  2. Your views on feminists are as backward as fuck mate you basically have the intelligence of a caveman when it comes to women’s rights. Boobsrealm deceives is he does not live in a modern western country.

    1. I live in a modern western country (USA) and the liberals/feminists are ruing this country! People like YOU are asinine pussies who think feminism is the modern way of thinking. When in reality, feminism is backwards af! YOU are backwards AND a FUCKIN PUSSY for supporting feminism. Do you have any balls? Or did you castrate yourself when you decided to become a feminist? You must be so proud.

  3. Came for the boobs, left for the politics. I agree with some, disagree with others. Either way, it turns me off of your site.

  4. i’m probably in the minority hear, but maybe psudopornographic blog dedicated to boobs is not the best forum for political views. it just seems like, best case scenario, you might isolate half of your audience, and distract from “the cause.” the cause, of course, being the furthering of all things boob related.

    in order to help you not make these kinds of mistakes, i suggest using this simple check list to proofread your finished work.

    * did i spell every word correctly, and use the correct spelling of every word?

    *did the work come off cogent?

    *did i let any, possibly off-putting or controversial, political veiw points bleed into my work?

    btw stating “So this is not a political rant” doesn’t really negate the fact that it kinda is. just as adding “no offense after a statement like freds, doesn’t really mean you wont take at least a little difference. “‘Your views on feminists are as backward as fuck mate you basically have the intelligence of a caveman when it comes to women’s rights’ no offense.” see? it doesn’t really help.

  5. Talk about boobs not views on women’s rights this is not the place the same way a slaughter house is not the best place to have an animal rights convention.

    1. I guess everyone missed the point of my comment: regardless of your political opinion I guess you all have heard about the estereotype of feminist.. right? how they look like and all. I am not saying to agree with what i said. My point was that UNFORTUNTALEY Ines Cudna met the stereotype meaning that she did became a feminist and all the other things conservatives use to steretype liberal women and that UNFORTUNATELY in Ines case she did fit the stereotype. Yes Ines has gained weight, preaches the climate change and is against looking sexy because that objectifies women. I Have not said anything else, but wanted to be more subtle to let you know this. I guess people worried more on getting offended than reading what I was saying between the lines. If you want it more clear.. Ines Cudna is obese and has let herself go because that is her “political and social ideology”. If you agree or disagree with her, not anybody’s problem, but the message is. FORGET ABOUT THE INES CUDNA YOU HAVE DREAMED ABOUT, she does not look like that… and I was told her personality has changed..

      1. Where is there a picture of her as of now? I have not seen a picture showing shes anything more than she was. I would not say obese in the slightest. Not even bbw.

        1. He is right. Googled her and she is now a BBW model. She is pretty plump. Don’t know if she did it for political reasons or just got heavier like most of us.

  6. hrmmm. I think having a boob podcast is bold for these times. One of the reasons I chickened out on you sir. I don’t disagree with your view. If a model is in this industry shes clearly objectifying herself to public option and therefore all bets are off. They are generously sharing their beauty with us to enjoy. As horrible some points of view are they are many more positive ones. Like the comments I read about Tessa aggravate me to no end. I know there either full of shit or just trolling. I think Porn and Pinup is a common ground free of backlash from both points of view. I think everyone can agree. Sadly both sides of the argument. Sadly backlash and online arguments are not even worth engaging in by simply not commenting. Its your space to speak your mind here and everyone should just say their peace and choose to return here or not return at all.

  7. Models i would like to see are british phonegirls explicit. Like Louise Porter, T.J. Walker, Cherry Blush, Danni Marie, Rachael C, Kandi Kay etc.
    But the real blast would be to see Louise Porter full frontal. A dream come true.

  8. Bro you are spot on with regard to what naturally follows once a chick decides to take up the SJW/feminist sword. All downhill from an aesthetic perspective, all for “the cause.” Typically doesn’t do any favors for personality or charisma, either. Keep telling it like it is. There remains a broad yet largely unaddressed market for truth in the media.

    1. or, alternatively, I am here for the boobs and not for sweeping overgeneralizations about politics and their impact on personality/appearance.

  9. What ever happened to the Polish girls from Busty.PL? In particular Aneta, she was the best one. Does anyone know what became of Aneta? Were is she modeling now? That site had some beauties and they suddenly disappeared about 10 years ago.

    1. They all dissappeared as the internet became a thing. I will talk about it in the final part4 of the news, rumors and updates post

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