Beth Lily (@BethanyLilyA) and Fiona Siciliano (@FionaGirlSoho) Having Fun in their Bikinis

beth lily bikini

Gorgeous Onlyfans superstar and former topless model Beth Lily got together with her friend and colleague Fiona Siciliano. Ladies Night had alcohol, music and lots of titty bouncing.

Beth and Fiona have been shooting some amazing content. Two of the top busty babes the UK has to offer got together to create content for their onlyfans. Amazing Beth shared some teasers on twitter. Unfortunately for her Instagram has been hard on her,as she got shadowbanned for being too hot and busty for sensitive instagram. You can follow Beth and Fiona on Instagram… Add them.



Here this video that Beth shared with us for you. You can check the extended version on her onlyfans.

Below a couple of their videos. There are more. They have fun and shake their boobies for the camera. Then proceed to take their tops off. Content is amazing and it shows that some hot girls can create effective turn on material while keeping it classy!


Enjoy the video on Beth Lily’s exclusive onlyfans


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7 thoughts on “Beth Lily (@BethanyLilyA) and Fiona Siciliano (@FionaGirlSoho) Having Fun in their Bikinis

  1. I have no idea why people can’t see onlyfans for what it is it’s ‘exploitfans’. I can sign up to pinupfiles for $20 per month and get numerous high quality pics and videos I can download and keep of many DIFFERENT models. The onlyfans set up is a rip off you pay sometimes $30 a month for ONE model and you get low quality images and video in a stream you cannot download of the same ONE model (shots usually taken by her bf in bed). She pretends to be your friend whilst taking more cash through tips of course.

    Yes it empowers the model it empowers her to rip people off with nonsense.

    1. If there is people paying and people offering, it is a market. While some people can complain, certainly there is people paying, thus you can’t blame the models who offer it.

    2. I completely agree. I have ~10000 high quality softcore and hardcore videos of beautiful busty girls on my hard drive. First of all, like it was mentioned by fred, the clips are very short and poorish quality. Even if you could save them on your hard drive, they would feel like “clutter” to me atm. Now, if they would start releasing 5+ minutes videos, at good camera angles, 1080p+, 30+ pictures photosets, which i can save, and at every few days, I would feel that there is some value to it.

      Even so, there is another aspect, that if I join any softcore/porn website I have access to their massive library released in past years. I am talking about single busty girls websites as well, like tessa fowler and ewa sonnet. Ewa sonnet has around 150gb worth of high quality long videos. Can I do that in only fans, even if let’s assume a girl released a lot of content ? It feels like an awful lot of time wasted just to get some poor quality videos and pictures.

      Also there is another thing, if I paid 20$+ per month to only fans, to get to build the content I have saved on my hard drive, how much would I pay ? Many of the thousands of vids I have are 2 hours long, like of the gorgeous JAV Hitomi Tanaka and Julia.

      Some quick math: I have roughly 5000 hours of high quality (fun to watch as well, all are hand picked, not just a dump) videos on my hdd. Let’s say that a girl releases 5 hours of content each year, this may be even optimistic judging by their 30 seconds video uploads. And I subscribe ONCE per year to get content previously released. I would have to pay 1000×20=20000$ dollars to get the same content I have now.

      Even if i did that, my hard drive would be a clutter mess, of 5-60 seconds videos, and even if their resolution is ok, half of them have poor camera angles and lighting conditions.

      Now why I complain, even if it is not my money that those desperate men are spending on only fans ? Because that impacts what kind of girls i am getting. All the hot ones are going to only fans and patreon, leaving to classic subscription websites tatted, siliconed and ugly ones, with a ton of makeup plastered on. Gabbie Carter is pretty much the only exception in recent history.

      Oh well, I have a really nice video and picture collection, that will last me a lifetime, and I ain’t giving those ripoffs a single cent.

  2. There is a huge market for dog fighting does that make it ok and acceptable?

    I’m not blaming the models what i’m saying is the overall quality of what is available will deteriorate massively whilst people pay more.

    1. The models often are more involved in running the “onlyfans” or at the least, lowers the number of people involved, it lowers the cost of making and distributing the content, the models make more money, which keeps their incentive to stay in the game and overall allows the models to make more money.

      1. I just made a huge post above with a reply. To reiterate, that’s all cool and dandy until it you susbcribe and end up with a poor quality 15 seconds video every few days. Look at the gorgeous busty girls of the past, say Gianna Michaels. I have 400 videos of her, in average 40 minutes per video. Now she is relasing in average 1-2 pics per day, and sometimes a 15 sec video. At that rate, how much time would it take to build up 15k minutes of video ?, and not just garbage, but actually really hot sex.

        Fine, if she, and all others, would release a half hour long high quality video every week, it could be some value, but as it stands, people are subscribing for a bunch of pictures. I have a camsoda video (before only fans) where Gianna said that she is tempted of the thought of doing porn again. Well why would she now, if it takes a bunch of selfies and some very quickly made vids, probably 5 minutes of work per week, to get 100+ subscribers (2000$+ per month).

        If people wouldn’t pay those prices, then they would go back to more traditional videomaking. I know, lots of girls wouldn’t do it at all anymore. But to me, onlyfans and patreon are completely dead, it’s like those girls don’t exist. Even if a single girl would release videos outside those websites is a win to me.

  3. Very true AngEvil to make matters worse on onlyfans the girls send private messages of pics that cost $10 to $50 to open. It’s a pure scam. The bottom line is men are easy to exploit in this arena and the girls know it they pretend to be your friend but are laughing all the way to the bank. As for Beth she’s pathetic we’ll have to wait for pinupfiles to release her unpublished content that way you’ll have high res images and full HD video of her actually topless rather than wasting your money on this nonsense. Boobsrealm makes me laugh he thinks he is friends with all of these models and always claims to have this inside information on them nobody else has what a fool.

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