Antonella Kahllo wins #MissBoobsRealm2014

Congratulations to Antonella Kahllo who, for second year in a row, wins the MissBoobsRealm crown. In a breathtaking final round the People’s favorte Antonella beat the Discovery of the year Lucie Wilde 215 vs 214 votes. The third place was for Leanne Crow with 61 votes. It is impressive how Antonella got all her fans together to vote for her. I have to be honest. Even before the contest many fans e-mailed me saying that the contest had a winner already: Lucie Wilde. Antonella beat the odds and took not only the title home, but also will receive the $350 prize cortesy of our sponsor PornHD.

Without a doubt Antonella is a heavy contender for even the MissBoobsRealm2015 edition, which will start in November 2015.

Thank you to all the fans who voted and supported ther favorite girl. Thank you to all the girls who supported the contest. It is worth saying that some models got behind the contest while others just tweeted a couple of times, but even despite that they did well.

Congratulations Antonella! Now it is time to celebrate with the fans… Please share the boobies!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.22.32 PM

Antonella shared with BoobsRealm and her fans these photos from her Official site

Antonella-kahllo-topless Antonella_Kahllo-bigboobs


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9 thoughts on “Antonella Kahllo wins #MissBoobsRealm2014

  1. Wow. So close! I like many went with Lucie Wilde. That girl did the work of an entire career within one year, from zero to gangbang. And I really appreciate that. She is still so young. I hope to see more and more of her over time. I expect her performances to get better and her boobs to continue to grow. sounds crazy but she is only 19; they will likely grow a big more into her mid 20s plus you never know if she decides to get pregnant later. Speaking of boob growth…
    But now that I am reading up more on Antonella I can see why she is a worthy winner. I see she only wants to do topless work. That is plenty good for me. But I would love it if she did inch her way into hardcore even a little bit even if it’s as much as Valory Irene did with tofu king and being cummed on her boobs. It’s wishful thinking, I know. Reading about her boob growth reminded me of the transformation that September went through. And am I to understand she has lactated? If this is true, where do I sign up? Take my money!

    1. I think there are milking vids,
      Lucie was impressive this year. Let’s see how she does in 2015, However, Antonella has launched her own site, Samantha Lily just debuted and is a rising star, Bethany Lily is the future of the UK glamour modeling scene and a new model is coming……………

  2. unfortunately I don’t agree with Matt, Lucie is way too young, her co-stars keep telling her what to do while they are fucking, example, move leg up, lift your hips, it seems that she doesn’t understand English and she doesn’t speak dirty that whole scenario was a turn off for me, she has long ways to go. Her tits already have stretch marks by the time she is oh her middle twenties her tits will hang all the way to the ground. I actually feel bad for that girl. In the other hand Antonella is a Pinup girl, she has the best and most perfect boobs in the planet. I do know that she learnt how to stimulate her nipple enough with a nipple pump which that blows my mind it looks like she is loaded with milk. I would love loads of her milk all over my face. She is gorgeous, has charisma, personality she is fun. I do love her, her twitter is fun, she interacts with everyone. She deserved it. best tits in the world

  3. Well..Well.. what can I say, ohhh Antonella, words can’t describe the fascination and admiration I have for this woman. Besides having the most gorgeous breasts in the world, her big smile is the biggest curve in her body. A day without Antonellas’s smile is a day without sunshine. Congratulations Boobsrealm for having this woman as Miss Boobsrealm 2014.

    1. Thanks… and visit the blog. Many surprises pretty soon. Antonella is awesome. I am glad she has very loyal fans! She is a nice person too, so she deserves it

  4. Any news on lucie wilde ?
    Some people said she quit !
    is she shooting new videos or are the remaining unreleased ones many months old ?!

  5. Hey mate, sorry ive been away so long been without a tablet for a few months
    and had virus problems with my laptop. Got lots to catch up on here. Ive not got your e-mail on my tablet so please can you drop me an e-mail as ive a few questions. Many thanks

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