Studio Updates and more big boobs news

Some updates for the big boobs lovers:

Bethany Lily was on a recent trip in the USA and Mexico. It was in Mexico where she took new topless photos as the one here. While some fans have complained that Beth already charges for monthly onlyfans subscriptions and charges 20 dollars for each message on onlyfans (unlocking option), there seem to be many guys willing to pay. Fans can say what they want about models making money on onlyfans, but you have to look at it as a business, if people pay the price you are selling, why charging less?

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Speaking of gorgeous girls, Sigal Acon is the latest hottest update on Scoreland Check her out take a shower. And for those fans who want to know more of her, tonight BoobsRealm will post an exclusive interview we had on the weekend. She will talk about her life, boobs, whether or not she will do hardcore and more.

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Now it is turn to talk about the BoobsRealm Studio.You can help me with completing the survey here. Most fans are excited for the project but not willing to pay. Also I am getting some negativity, so the following one will be the last update until when the site is up. Ok I will go with TWO big updates. and TWO big issues to highlight.

  1. Many glamour and pornstars are supporting the project. I am surprised that there is more people following the blog than I expected. One big time model contacted me as fans were asking her about when she was posing for the site. However, she was in the In Talks group. That is why no more speculation and news.
  2. Breaking even is hard, but I am still trying to find ways to make it work. I started as a blogger when I noticed that big boobs blogs did not presented the news as I would like them to be presented. Now I wanna offer you content as it has not done before and managing to give us what we want within the models boundaries

And the last two news:

  1. Having some explicit hardcore will scare away some models, so the boundaries are still to be defined. Many fans want hardcore, but I will not have Demmy Blaze or Cara Ruby do hardcore. Beth does not want to be associated with a site that has hardcore either.
  2. Long shot…. Searching for Lucie Wilde for her farewell interview.. yes questions are being asked. Lucie’s send off could be the big surprise, if this gets to happen. Do not hold your breath, but who knows.

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Last but no least, BoobsRealm might be attending Exxxotica Miami in September. Unfortunately, the interview with Asiri Ocean fka Asiri Stone won’t be happening as the busty cam girl will not be attending the event. If you plan to go to Exxxotica Miami let me know so we can have a couple of drinks.



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