Katerina Hartlova Launches her First Official Website

It finally happened! After 14 years in the business Katerina Hartlova launched her first-ever Official Site Katerina-Hartlova.com.

My beloved Katerina was convinced that she is a big star and deserved a quality website. It finally happened this year. And I can say I facilitate this to happen! In the past there was a site with her name, but it was not hers. She was paid for the content, but she had no control and no participation in the profits. This time Katerina is working hard and wants to provide us with the best quality and sexy content she can produce.

The website claims 2-weekly updates will be released. This is already a lot compared to what most of other sites offer.

You have HQ content. You have Katerina milking and squeezing those giant tits full of milk. I can testify that those things are huge and milk comes out endlessly.

Boobs massage. What about great titty play. What about Katerina wearing different wardrobe that looks super sexy. Katerina is one of the most beautiful women to ever graced porn. She is also a good model. Say what you will, but Katerina has aged really well. She is in almost her mid 30s and has had two kids. She looks better than most youngsters.

Believe me guys. You will not only get to watch her in hot scenes, but you will also have a look at the real Kathy and how she is in real life. No gimmick, no faking. Katerina is a wonderful and friendly person.

Click below and take a look for yourself. Lots of content produced and for all tastes.

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