Lycia Sharyl @LyciaSharyl Announces retirement Following Photographers Harassment

Lycia Sharyl is an up-and-comer busty glamour model who was on her way of becoming a star. However, her path to success seems to have been interrupted after experiences with photographers who seemed to wanted to have their own private XXX experiences. Her latest BTS events with photographer from Dazglam was the breaking point.

For the ones who do not know the guy who runs Dazglam has shot several models over the years such as: Katerina Hartlova, Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie, Suzie Sun, Jana Defi, Angel Princess, Lucy Li, Viola Baileys and many others. He sells private collectiosn of photos and videos. I onced contact the guy to license some content, but he replied saying that the content was not shot to be published online and was only for private collectors.

This is the photo posted by Lycia on her twitter’s timeline

Lycia Sharyl tells the story about her latest trip to Australia where she shot for Darren.  Here is the twitter post by Lycia where she gives details of what happened during her latest photoshoot with Mr. McCormack

Lycia is a wonderful babe. Young and a promising star. I really hope that she does not retire and she keeps on working with reliable people with good references. will have an exclusive interview with Lycia Sharyl in a couple of days about her career and her experiences with photographers.

What are your thoughts on the situation. I think that it is common that photographers want to bang the models. I would not blame any guy for asking, but if you get rejected, it is not ok to push.

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12 Replies to “Lycia Sharyl @LyciaSharyl Announces retirement Following Photographers Harassment

  1. This story is appalling! From what Lycia Sharyl has stated, Darren McCormack appears to be another Harvey Weinstein. Unfortunately, these low life slime balls are still being weeded out in the entertainment industry.

  2. why the industry prefer to lose models rather firing these idiots for once? that’s the worse thing models can experience…

    1. because everybody is independent contractor. SO you can’t fire any freelancer, just block them, but believe… there are more issues than this -not the same level- but some models shoot with certain people becuase of the money regardless of personal opinions.

      1. I mean, studios and models (that are not into it) can boycott. Simple.
        having these “professionals” will just repeal models, that’s what I’m saying

  3. I lost her when she claimed nightmares and ptsd. Look in this era of #MeToo you gotta be careful with accusations. Seems she didnt report to police immediately (at least 2 weeks it seems hmm and no signs of telling authorites in fb post). She also has voicemails apparently but i havent heard them so idk. Ironically this stuff in the adult entertainment industry is no suprise, like bitch please, what a shocker. And the virtue signallers on twatter are pathetic. Coming from a porn blog, i find it funny this is posted. As if the people in porn and who watch porn are pure of phantasmal sexual thought. AND the desire of models to do hardcore by fans, hypocrites. Do they ever think about their actions,influences, and affiliations? Porn fuels this type of crap in their head.

  4. I’m a photographer, and I’ve shot a lot of girls nude. I have asked many of them for sex after the photoshoot and they decline, but I back off. I see it as I got what I want, and they get what they want, since I pay them. I really don’t need or want an accusation following me for the rest of my life and I want to continue with my photography. If they find me attractive enough for casual sex, then cool. If not , then, oh well, on to the next one.

  5. Eh. Don’t know if I believe it all. I mean, I can totally believe the guy made a be pass or two at it and can hardly fault that. But all the really creepy stuff? Who knows. Here’s what I do know: I never heard of this girl before, and probably never would have had she not made these allegations. Then she says she is “retiring” but then states in the same breath that she is going to keep her site going and will keep making new content for it. Sounds more like marketing than a sincere cry for help.

    1. She has been modelling since 2017 and has been widely published in the UK, on Page 3 and has her own website, which is actually really excellent. Proper old style glamour but more revealing levels than Page 3 and fab locations. Dazglam has been around for a long time and has a poor reputation. Busty model Holly Peers ran away from him in 2013 and had to get an emergency flight home. This was talked about at the time. Various models in the UK scene will not shoot with him. He also sold higher level stuff to magazines which he said was never for publication, so they say. Actually I would fault him making a pass. That is really inapproriate. As a photographer these things should be kept strictly professional otherwise it’s a breach of trust. A model should be able to go to work and do her job without the fear that a photographer is going to make inappropriate comments, invade her private space, or sexually assault her! I hpoe Lycia reports him to the police and also gets the message out there to other girls. Creeps like this are ruining the industry.

      1. Fair enough on the other stuff but it still stands that she made these scandalous allegations and simultaneously dramatically announced her “retirement” because of them. Then she immediately starts making the interview rounds, pumping her site. Stateside we recently had a guy named Smollett that acted much in the same way after making racism claims which were debunked not long after he finished his prime time interviews. Why? Because it’s an en vogue allegation to make and it guarantees instant, unlimited free press and a celebrity status. Now I am not saying this chick is lying. Her allegations being true and this being a marketing boon are not mutually exclusive. But I am saying that her actions up to this point could raise some questions in the minds of reasonable men.

        1. I offered her doing the interview to tell the story. I pitched the other questions. She was not in favor of answering them all as she thought it was not appropriate. It was my initiative to promote her site.

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