Demmy Blaze (@demmy_blaze) Fully Naked for XX-Cel (@RealXXCel )

XX-Cel starts the year with what you were waiting for! Demmy Blaze not only poses for the site, but also she gets fully naked showing her very pretty pussy.

Haters gonna hate, but Demmy was very comfortable in the shoot. Busty Demmy barely shows her pussy. No she was not tricked and she was not offered a lot of money. Many times fans want to believe or not to believe what makes them feel happy. Anyway, Facts don’t care about your feelings. The fact here is that Demmy Blaze did pose for XX-Cel and got naked.

On a side note I need to send the tank tops to Cel so the next busty supertsrars pose wearing it. Or Demmy.. I can send you one soon!

Demmy is a rising star and 2019 could be her year. She looks lovely and has amazing huge naturals.  Enjoy her big tits. There are 4 photosets/videos already available.

Watch Demmy Blaze Fully Naked on XX-Cel


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