Vivian Blush Going Topless For Real Next Week!

It has been announced on her official site that Vivian Blush will go topless next week as a late Christmas present for her fanson December 29th. Ewa Sonnet posted the news and the topless photos are also teased on Vivian’s site. I wonder how the shy huge tittied girl got convinced?

I posted some screenshots from her fail video where she had accidental boobs flashing.

On December 29th also MissBoobsRealm2018 will end. You can still vote in the 3 semifinals HERE as finals will start tomorrow and the winner will be declared on the 29th. Vivian could have advanced but she did not show tits in 2018. Maybe she will do better in the 2019 edition.

Are you ready for Vivian Blush full topless?

Join Ewa Sonnet and Vivian Blush

vivian blush huge tits topless


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