BoobsRealm starts the #TittyDropChallenge #BoobsRealm

Nowadays there are so many idiotic Challenges online. Zombies and sheep from all around the world just follow Challenges without thinking of the consequences or whether there is a logic behind it or not. Why don’t all these stupid challenges go the hell and we start a challenge that is worth it. It is the #TittyDropChallenge and It is started here on #BoobsRealm. Let’s see how it goes.

What a better way to start this #TittyTuesday. We unofficially started with our Brand Ambassador SmallGirlBigTitties wearing the famous Boobsrealm tank top. Following this post I will nominate TWO busty girls on twitter to do the #TittyDropChallenge. After they comply with the challenge they will need to Challenge other two busty girls.

This Challenge will be better suited to natural girls -and obviously busty, otherwise what’s the Challenge, right-

Who would you nominate on twitter for the #TittyDropChallenge ?

Below some great #TittyDrops found online.

Watch Angela White TittyDrop Fuck on Scoreland


tessa tittydropchallenge

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