Lana Kendrick diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Support @kendrick_lana

The sad news broke earlier last week. Our beloved Lana Kendrick has been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. The  busty pinupglam model is to go under a thyroidectomy. She needs USD 10,000 for the surgery. You can donate on the GoFundMe Below. Also some titties to remind you that she has given us amazing moments. The least we can do is support her with whatever we can and share this.

Support Model Lana Kendrick Fund Raiser HERE

Lana will have to get the surgery done and take radiation sessions. We send our best vibes to Lana and her family and friends.

The news remind us that besides boobs, porn and hot bodies everyone we feature on the blog,the fans that follow and comment and even myself are still human beings who go through good and bad times. We all do our best to keep a smile on our face and make the others enjoy our work, but there is stuff that happens that might not be under our control. The only thing we can do is support others and understand that this can happen to anyone.

On behalf of all followers I want to wish the best to Lana Kendrick and let her know that this platform will be always supporting her. You can count on me for whatever you need!!

On a more brighter side Lana announced that she will be having a first-time shoot with fellow Pinupfiles model Tessa Fowler. The upcoming set of shoots will fulfill many fans’ fantasies. We will be waiting for the content. For now do not forget to support Lana Kendrick’s GoFundMe and also join her official site.

Donate for Lana Kendrick Surgery and Treatment HERE


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