Codi Vore Official Hardcore debut

Codi Vore made her professional porn debut for WoodRocket. While this might not be your typical pro porn video, it is a step in the right direction for advancing Codi’s porn career.

The video is for free on Pornhub, so I am sharing it with you. Before you get to wacht it, do not expect Codi to be a hot slutty pornstar. She does not even talk on the video. In fact she is a hybrid of a dinosaur and a busty pornstar. Codi is a Jurassic creature with hue boobs who feeds from cock. Just watch it. It is still hot to watch Codi get fucked by a professional fucker.  Her female co-star is no other than Lauren Philips.

Codi has done amateur hardcore with her boyfriend. However, it seems she has moved on and is open to shoot for others. contacted Codi inquiring about her next steps in hardcore porn. Codi said she is not sure about who she will shoot next. Do you have any suggestions for Codi?

I was wondering why she hasn’t shot for Scoreland for her hardcore debut. Let’s wait and see.

Watch Codi Vore on Scoreland


For those who want to watch Codi’s amateur porn, check this out.

3 Replies to “Codi Vore Official Hardcore debut

  1. Man, this is exciting. I love Codi and bought several of her videos. I wasn’t too sure where she was headed for a while but if she actually went that route, she would probably be my favorite performer of the moment. She really went for it in this, too, and looks great even in fucking blue. It’s nice to see her from actual camera angles too; I’m not a fan of POV, and my favorite thing of hers from before was her bathroom sink video (it still is).

    I personally would like her to just do straight-up Bangbros and RK if she was ready for it, nothing fancy. Score would be fine but the make-up and lighting in the hardcore they make usually just don’t look that great. Whatever and with whoever she’s comfortable with.

  2. Love codi and i think working with rk or bangbros would not be a good move.. those guys are all just ego and arrogance. .. score would be great but id like to see her handled by cel at xxcel.

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