Yulia Nova Got a Breast Reduction and is Married

Yulia Nova is a legendary name in the big boobs world. Historic. One of the all-time greatest. After long-time speculation Boobsrealm.com can confirm that she has followed Jana Defi, Ala Pastel, Merilyn Sakova footsteps and got a breast reduction.

I know this post may break hearts, but we have to realize that this is how life goes. Nothing is forever. We age, we change, we get old. Sometimes I think I am still 25,  but no, I’m older now. Same happens with models. We would like to think of them based on how they used to look. Time has passed and people change. While you can tell that Yulia’s face has not changed, you call she has slimmed down and her boobs are not as huge as they used to. They are still big for a thing girl, but not of the massive giant naturals they used to be back in the day.

Take a look at how Jana Defi and Karina Hart look now.

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Vintage Yulia Nova

Let’s enjoy first one of the great videos she made.

Boobsrealm.com has confirmed that she is living in Moscow and is happy MILF. the husband might not be the most handsome guy we could think of. We would assume that these super hot models may end up with rich millionaires or handsome hunks. However, they are normal people and may chose average guys. Lucky dude!

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