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Big Boobs news: Karina Hart, Jana Defi, Lucy Pinder Samanta Lily Snapchat

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  1. Spinner says:

    Still really bummed out about Karina Hart. She is my all-time favorite busty model/porn star. For me she had the best combo of boobs, ass, looks, attitude, etc. Loved her solo vids, I’m glad she never went HC because it kinda preserved her. Some girls that go that route lose it really quick. I wonder if she married a black guy? Atlanta has a largely black population. Good luck, beautiful Karina! You will be missed.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      Yep that is why I said she likes BBC. She always stated that she liked black guys. I can’t give more info tho.

  2. joshuat says:

    the Jana’s pic doesn’t prove anything. The frontal view and the poor quality doesn’t show any reduction. Do you have other recent pics of her ?

  3. Chokeonarock says:

    I’d like to believe Boobsrealms’ articles are completely true, but when there’s no actual evidence to back them up, it’s pretty hard to believe them. For example, you say that Christy Marks had plastic surgery, and yet you don’t provide any photographic proof of it. If what you said is true, then you must have seen photos or videos of her new face, so surely you could provide a sample photo to support your claim. Similarly, you say that Karina Hart is married and working for Amazon in America, and yet the last pictures of her I saw showed her with an Amazon shirt in Slovakia (the shirt had Slovak words on it). I can understand wanting to protect girls’ identities, but posting a few photos of Karina and her alleged husband, as well as of the new Christy Marks, would leave your sources unharmed and would certainly increase your article’s credibility.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      You make valid points. However, regarding Karina Hart. That pic was from 2015, when she as in Slovak. She is not working on Amazon -at last not that I know of-. The issue of proving a photo for Karina or Christy would give represent more problems to me than the rewards by satisfying your curiosity.
      Do I know the former Karina is married and leaving in Atlanta. Unless she lies to the world, it is true. Have I seen recent Christy Marks pics. Yes. Would I share them. I can’t.
      There is an issue with posting photos from facebook, Instagram and other social media. I rarely post pics from amateurs unless they have developed a cult following. Karina Hart has done a 180 and distances herself from “Karina Hart”. Same goes with Christy Marks. There are many stalkers online. If you don’t believe it, it is ok. Have I seen other pics of other girls I may not be able to post on the blog? Hell yeah! Is there inside info I know? Yes.
      I know many fans want to know what happened to them. I give them the update. Be happy with what you get, because further info discloser is not worth the risk.

      1. Chokeonarock says:

        Thanks for the response. I do appreciate the genuine news Boobsrealm provides about girls’ professional activities, but I’d really rather not know about their personal lives. However, if a website is going to spread rumors about girls’ personal lives, then it’d be nice to have some fact-checking done. You’ve claimed, for example, that Viola Baileys was going to shoot with Greg Lansky, which never happened, and more recently implied that Katerina Hartlova had divorced her current husband, which also was not true. It may be the case that you have inside sources you believe you can trust, but unfortunately if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that people in the porn business generally can’t be trusted. They will make promises without any intention of keeping them, and tell countless lies if they think it will profit them. Moreover, there are so many imposters pretending to be pornstars, on Facebook as well as other social media, that it’s often hard to tell truth from fiction. This is why it’s nice to have some photographic evidence backing up your claims . . . although of course it’s so easy to realistically photoshop images that photos hardly provide conclusive proof anymore.

        Anyway, I guess I’ll just end with one thought: If a story is so sensitive that you can’t publish the photos that would corroborate it, it’s probably better not to publish the story at all. I strongly doubt either Karina or Christy are readers of this blog, but if they are, they probably wouldn’t be too happy with stories of their personal lives being published here, whether they come with photos or no.

        Oh and one last thing: were you aware that Casey Deluxe posed in a Boobsrealm top? Rather epic: http://sexycasey.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/DSC08843.jpg and http://xhamster.com/user/Casey_Deluxe/posts/564678.html

        1. Boobsrealm says:

          Hi buddy thanks for your comment. BTW, I sent Casey the t-shit, but she did not tell me about those in the those links. thanks! I will post about them and also some news about her.
          I think I may have worded the sentence wrong. I never said Katerina was divorcing. Regarding Viola. Pierre Woodman confirmed Viola met with Lansky; however, Viola decided to leave the States. She would have shot with him, had she stayed.

          Regarding Karina. I was in touch with her years ago. And for a weird reason she popped up as my LinkedIn suggestion -the real KH-. I only posted that one is married and the other is getting married. Not saying much about where they are exactly or posting pics or giving more details that could compromise their security.

  4. Teseo2099 says:

    Is the real name of “Karina Hart” Katherina Harm?

      1. Teseo2099 says:

        Thanks for the answer. Do you know if she continue doing some modeling? I know that she get married with the Roderick Finch the photographer of Scoreland. Even he lives in Atlanta, that courious and he has a karina´s photo like account photo in this site:

  5. Teseo2099 says:

    when you gonna publish the next news about Karina Hart?

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