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Samanta Lily is Miss Boobs Realm 2015

Samanta Lily Boobs Realm
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  1. ca uk says:

    Worthy winner. Congratulations sam

  2. boobgeek says:

    well I did not see that coming lol. Congrats to Sam!

  3. Sony says:

    Sam is the best, she’s a real superstar!

  4. Jake says:

    Sam is fantastic. She started playing with her bf on camera, allowing her to grab her tits. Hope they will go further than that.

  5. RoomieAU says:

    Anyone find it somewhat strange that Beth managed to get more votes than previous winner Antonella, only to end up number 6 in the finals? Funny how such polls can turn out. Would like to have seen her besides Tessa as my two favorites.
    Sam is one of amongst a handful of models who never really caught my eye, though i understand why others like her a lot.
    And where did Cassidy come from? Definitely surprised me.

    1. JC says:

      Yeah.. I was following the origin of the votes. In Beth’s case, links from 4chan and anon-b helped her in the last two days. However, some of thsoe voters did nto go back to the site, whereas others choose to vote for Sam or Tessa.
      Something curious was that some fans referred by Antonella voted for Beth too on the first round. Also, Antonella stated on twitter that she supported Tessa. Not sure if that impacted.
      Casssidy was bringing in many fans from ifriends.net. Sam was in 3rd place 3 days before the end. Tessa was leading 4 days before.Cass was on top on the last Saturday and finally Sam took over the following days… there was almost a tie this year too.
      Tessa Fowler, contacted me after the contest was over. She and Sensual Jane are more interested in the contest and will be supporting the 2016 version more actively.

  6. boobgeek says:

    that’s awesome news. Its nice to know that they are aware of this. It is like the Oscars of busty pinup glam… So essentially cheerleading for your favorite by using links worked. Darn! I did not think of that! Next year I would love to be on the judging council pretty please.

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