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Miss Boobs Realm 2015 Group B

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  1. Dave says:

    Had to flip a coin for Anri Vs. Antonella. Japanese girl won. Seems fair enough. Antonella has 2 titles already and Anri’s face is much prettier.

  2. boobgeek says:

    tough call had to give it to Beth this year. Beth had some breath taking shoots this year over Antonella

  3. bigtetitas says:

    My vote goes to the one and Only Antonella.

  4. radiofredd says:

    Tough group. Beth is pretty dashing. Cassidy is fierce and wild. But I could never not vote for the most astounding skinny busty model around, Casey Deluxe. Absolute knockout!

  5. Aerostar says:

    My vote for Antonella will lead it to victory because she is a goddess of boobs

    1. JC says:

      Thanks for the comment, but with all due respect, the groups stage is over. You can vote for who you think should be Miss Boobs Realm 2015 on the Finals. 11 girls have qualified.

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