Tessa Fowler BoobsRealm diary photoshoot

Lovely, busty, pretty and unreal goddess Tessa Fowler did a mini-photo shoot wearing BoobsRealm tank top. This was the perfect size for her perfect breasts. Tessa Fowler’s photos of her stripping off the BoobsRealm.com t-shirt are on her diary. I love Tessa even more now. This is the perfect product placement!! I really appreciate Tessa’s having the time of sharing the beautiful moment with all of you. You will see more photos of this mini-shoot and many more things on Tessa’s diary.

Vote for Tessa Fowler for Mis BoobsRealm 2015. The first part of the first round ends in a week. And if you haven’t check it out yet, read my exclusive interview with Tessa.


Tessa-fowler-boobsrealm-diary4Tessa Fowler miss boobsrealm

Tessa Fowler BoobsRealm shoot


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