Tessa Fowler BoobsRealm diary photoshoot

Tessa Fowler miss boobsrealm

Lovely, busty, pretty and unreal goddess Tessa Fowler did a mini-photo shoot wearing BoobsRealm tank top. This was the perfect size for her perfect breasts. Tessa Fowler’s photos of her stripping off the BoobsRealm.com t-shirt are on her diary. I love Tessa even more now. This is the perfect product placement!! I really appreciate Tessa’s having the time of sharing the beautiful moment with all of you. You will see more photos of this mini-shoot and many more things on Tessa’s diary.

Vote for Tessa Fowler for Mis BoobsRealm 2015. The first part of the first round ends in a week. And if you haven’t check it out yet, read my exclusive interview with Tessa.


Tessa-fowler-boobsrealm-diary4Tessa Fowler miss boobsrealm

Tessa Fowler BoobsRealm shoot

7 Replies to “Tessa Fowler BoobsRealm diary photoshoot

  1. correct me if i am wrong but in this set Tessa looks extremely skinny and the pictures were taking with a fish eyed lenses. I saw her on MFC a couple of times and her tits are not that big.

  2. The shoot happened a couple of months ago. It is all about the angle of the camera.. God bless those boobs!

  3. Tessa is one of the best of the best. To say her boobs are smaller on MFC is a lie. I’ve seen her several times on cam recordings and being a member of her site. The photos are the real deal the webcam aspect ratio is a bit distortive and your not viewing them the correct way you would in her photo shoots. yes rare once or twice not on MFC but on her site she’s dropped the panties. She’s all about keeping it classy and about boob glam. Tessa is for the breast fetishist elites!

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