Report on Mary Madison Love and Agent Scamming Fans


US citizen Mike sent us a report last week about Hungarian model Madison Love and her agent scamming him. This post features all the information provided and serves as a warning for all fans out there.

Mike sent us an e-mail providing the screenshots I attach below. He posted his story on forum The Perfect Boobs. “I came forward to tell my story of how I was conned and catfished by her and her agent, and others came to my defense and shared their own negative experiences of her also.
This woman lied to me and led me on, as well as accepted thousands of dollars from me, as I confided in her about my mother going through a battle with cancer. And sadly she does the same thing to others. She is the lowest of the low.”…”I’m not looking for revenge, just to warn others not to get involved and get used by someone perpetuating a sick game.”

This is Mary Madison Love

I have to remind many people that while for some it might have been naive, there are still a lot of fans who can get easily scammed by models or catfishes. Some of the comments are make on the post are to serve those fans. For some it is just stating the obvious, but for others is warning.

Again, as I have stated in the past. Some models are wonderful human beings. Others just either would do anything for model or are associated with scammer agents. Unless you are not part of the business in any shape or form, as a fan you do not know. Most of the comments fans make are just stories that are far from the truth. SO basically no model should ask for money in exchange or anything or in advance. Also beware of catfishes. We saw the story of Sensual Jane escorting onlyfans. Which got shut down later.

There could be a chance that a former agent or very shady no name producer created a fake onlyfans with her ID. I can’t know.

Here the screenshots sent by Mike:

There are some known stories of models that have scammed fans and producers: Peyton Thomas is a famous one, Haley Cummings was scamming as an escort, Sensual Jane’s name was used to scam fans, as you saw a few months back some guys created fake Antonella Kahllo accounts, Liza Biggs scammed some indy producers…. and the list goes on…

Going back to the topic,  thanks for sharing your story Mike. He also recorded this video below.


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8 thoughts on “Report on Mary Madison Love and Agent Scamming Fans

  1. The scammers make it hard for the honest girls. People become guy shy about giving money and info to the models for fear of being ripped off.

  2. well… I have been scammed once and since then I have not spend a single dollar on “internet girls”. Looking back, I feel I was a big dumb and kinda deserved it.

  3. Hello ,
    This person “Mike” … who reports Mary is very sick ! I have know Mary for many years , she is really kind , straight and honest . Here , itis Mary who is the victim , he has been harassing her for several months . Such relentlessness shows in this person a proffound imbalance . Don’t innocently believe eveything he tells you .

    1. Indeed I also denounced this guy who had put the same video on youtube … and as my comment did not suit him , he removed it ! … That says everything …

  4. I would like to make an important point , for those who would have looked at the article , MARY HAS NO AGENT! This article is intended to harm Mary, quite simply ! I am completely disillusioned when I see the manager of a site which promotes girls with big breast and who puts here this kind of article … without even checking , without investigating a minimum on the person and the circumstances of the facts . This “Mike” took you out of an article … and you lierally drink his words … but do you really have to fall as low to make the “buzz” ? … it’s pretty heartbreaking ! I say it and I repeat it I know Mary very well …she has no agent ! One detail … among many others where , I noticed inconsistencies , he quotes Mary … all the times … but never the name of his “supposed” agent … why ? According to this “Mike” , is he the sacmmer ? … a little weird , right? This article came out of the probably very disturbed head of this “Mike” … It is simply trying to damage Mary’s … it is obvious .

  5. These comments are all just attempts to discredit me, and I speculate based on the writing style and consistent choice of words and grammar, it may just be Yvan Prime using different usernames to try and attack me, but I’ll play along. Her having no agent is a lie. I’ll share further proof since I’m the one who actually has it.

    I have all the photos on file on my phone available for anyone interested,. Contact me on the youtube video. Hell, maybe I’ll post a folder online in a Google drive link and just leave it here.

    See, Yvan Prime already slandered me on Twitter calling me a coward and a liar. So I came forward and posted 18 minutes of proof with my name and face, raw and unrehearsed, and my youtube video analytics of the video I posted show all views from Belgium averaging out to 1 minute each, telling me he likely didn’t even watch the full thing and just rushed to slander me. Even so, assuming he did watch it, he was forced to move the goal posts again after his accusations of me being a faceless coward blew up in his face by my willingness to put myself out there for the world to know who I am, and is now attacking me as unbalanced and unreliable. Thats laughable.

    I actually invite everyone to speak freely on my youtube video. I’m gonna share Mr. Stantons comment just out of good will,. The reason it doesnt show up on my video I believe is because his account is too new and youtube perceived it to be spam:

    “I don’t like delators… if you had shared your story without offing the person, I might have believed you… here it looks more like revenge.”

    That was his comment. Thats all he said. Not too bad right? To address his comment, I posted documentation of fraud and a scam from start to finish, my intent is irrelevant when it is simply truth being said. Including the contradictions like them saying they bought and took care of the trip, and then later said otherwise… suddenly whoops it was never booked! or how they said travel documents cost 800 dollars and they expected me to be more of a help. In reality, Hungary is visa free, and he also previously told me how they had passports good for two years but then changed his story. Make no mistake I was a victim of fraud. I have a receipt of the western union transfer I sent Marys agent for a trip that never happened built off of fake romantic interest BEFORE he had the audacity to ask me for more. To which at that point I would have been paying for nearly half of this trip. Thank god I wasn’t a bigger idiot than I am. Further in my youtube video you will notice there is a still photo where he tells me the payment method I originally used to send him froze up because they had been sending too many money requests. That alone shows they were pulling money from other people outside of me. on a big scale.

    Further, Mr. Stantons comment indicates I am being unnecessarily mean by exposing Mary, however the comments written above simultaneously accuse me of lacking credibility by NOT naming Marys agent. So which is it? There is no consistency, only trying to discredit me at all costs even though Im just sharing proof of the truth. If I did one thing they would ask why I didnt do the other. If you want an answer as to why I did this though, it is because Mary is a public figure, her agent Levente isn’t, so even though he scammed me, I was still courteous enough to leave him out of it to bring him unwanted attention, solely warning others to simply avoid dealing with him.

    In terms of harassing Mary, thats actually not true either. If you look, I express how my video isnt an attack on Mary directly in the details of the youtube video. Read it. Only a warning to others and a response to Yvan Prime slandering me on Twitter. Bad actors need to be held accountable for their bad behaviour or else they will continue perpetuating crimes if people like me were too afraid to speak out. Importantly you can’t harass someone with truth. I havent spoken to Mary since January, but sharing a youtube video exposing truth doesnt constitute harassment. Maybe it would if I was sending it to her followers on an unrelenting daily basis, but that actually isnt happening on a demonstrable level if you use my youtube name to find me on twitter and go look at the fact I haven’t interacted with Mary on my account. Not on Facebook, not on Instagram, not via email, and not by Telegram or Viber app since I last met her overseas. I solely made a video for people to find, watch, and make their own decisions.

    Anything you want me to show you can just ask me. You have the means of doing so thanks to my willingness and openness. Everything I have is irrefutable. I honestly don’t know what else to say.


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