Misty C, Abbie Seccraa and other big boobs rumors (part1)

sophia traxler 2020

Many people are wondering what was Misty C’s underground escapades. Also why at that time I did not get into full detail. What does this has to do with Abbi Seccraa. and more busty rumors in this two-part post.

Before getting into the news and rumors, first I want to explain something that many of you do not keep in mind. And it is ok if you do not. It just makes a difference in mine, as I am the one who may decide to post something – and sometimes may imply something or make it a bigger deal than it could be-. Here is the thing. I am going to make a parallel with pro wrestling.

Those who watch pro wrestling have some favorite wrestlers and criticize WWE for not going into a certain direction. Blame is put on Vince McMahon for burying some talent or pushing others. Some storylines are nixed and fans just make opinions based on what they see on the TV. However, they do ignore that some creative decisions are made based on what happens backstage or the whether such and such wrestler is green and should not be pushed. In other words, there is more than meets the eye.

Having explained that, the reason why I just implied Underground and did not go with the story I am going here is because at that time I was in talks with a model who shoots for Nadine’s site. So posting something about a the current girl of the month who works only for Daktari would mean the model I was in touch with would either flake or no show my shoot. There are several stories. The shoot got postponed and I think I can take the risk. You know I am shooting content, and there are a lot of expenses to shoot. Fees, flights, airbnb, food, etc.  I got from two different sources that he paid a model to just not show up somebody else’s shoot.

I will elaborate more on this topic next week. But let’s get back to Misty C. Misty C kept her identity secret as she is a very well-known swinger who partakes in orgies in clubs in Germany. A couple of fans who happen to be in the swinger scene have said that there was a swinger forum with some amateur hardcore videos, which have been taken down. Unfortunately, both do not recall her swinger name.

I was told that she has not been active in the swinger circuit for a while. While I cannot confirm this, it makes sense as usually you are banned from Nadine’s site if you appear in a hardcore video or on anybody’s website which is hardcore, unless your name is Hitomi Tanaka.

For those wanting Misty C on other sites or doing hardcore. This will not happen. This goes as this… models get paid good money to shoot for Nadine’s site. When the newbies find work on other sites they are told they will never come back. So they are unofficially exclusive to the site. This might be what prevents Misty C and other models find any work outside the Nadine’s realm.

Misty C amateur solo photos


I have nothing against Nadine’s site or Daktari. I have had no problem with him, but I find that is not fair to make models exclusive if they are not getting a salary for not working for anyone else.

Before ending part 1, let’s get some news. Sophia Traxler’s new video is out on XX-Cel. Some fans got really excited about Sophia returning. However, this is an old video. Sophia Traxler has told BoobsRealm that she has no intention whatsoever to return to porn.

XX-Cel has another new video coming as well as more Addisson soon. Also Spanish Megara Steel

Watch Sophia Traxler New Porn Video

sophia traxler 2020


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20 thoughts on “Misty C, Abbie Seccraa and other big boobs rumors (part1)

  1. Not quite sure what the boobsrealm blog has to do with the multi million dollar dynasty run by the McMahon family. WWE is based entirely on bullshit (entertaining bullshit). Boobsrealm’s blog should be factual and informative if it can be compared to anything it’s now The National Enquirer when is readers want The New York Post so cut the crap Boobsrealm if you don’t want to talk about a model due to some kind of contractual obligation then SIMPLY DON’T. What we don’t know we can’t criticise.

  2. maybe daktari wants to stay true to his audience and maybe do not want to be associated as a “door” for hardcore websites.

    1. how would that be a door? so why would hitomi not be under the same scrutiny. why wanting exclusive girls and not paying them for the revenue they are prevented from having?

      1. wow! do you want him to pay a full salary for every model from his website?

        Just imagine a blog accusing you for boycotting models that you have not shoot on your onlyfans for a while. Then this blog is demanding you to “pay the revenue they are prevented from having”

        this is ridiculous

      1. It has nothing to do with which language you speak…it has to do that you simply can’t get basic facts right like “copy” and “paste” from sites that have names spelled correctly. It’s also SECRAA, not SECCRAA…again, easily copy/pastable. Guy is just a fucking tool.

        1. Ok. You are smart. So you just feel good about yourself pointing out an error?
          And about seccra. I really dont know her name and never cared.
          So feel free to go to another blog. Period.

  3. When he said Misti C, I knew he was talking about Mysti C. When he says Abbie Seccraa, I know he is talking about Abbi Secraa. With a little bit of intelligence, this really isn’t that hard to figure out. You guys are acting like you have never spelled a word wrong in your life.

  4. What does this blog actually have to do with Abbi other than in the title? Maybe it’s not loading properly at my end.

  5. Keep in mind that also Karatina Hartlova does/did hardcore, as well as Angel Princess, who are on Nadine’s site. Also the other busty asian girls Kaho and Anri done/does HC, and of course Shione is on there too. Maybe there is some lenience, or wiggle room for some models.

  6. Hey asshat, It’s MYSTI, not MISTY, and how about not misspelling BOTH names of ABBI SECRAA…not ABBIE SECCRAA.

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